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Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pctazhp, Jul 7, 2016.
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  1. barontan2418
    Mine too. Although it is the 2015 version I got it for £400 and have never looked back. I think with the T1 and good tubes its not a million miles behind Euforia
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  2. Preachy1
    Further question, when did the price of the Elise nearly double, (form $699 to approx. $1,400)? The eBay seller claims his if a 2018 model. Was it still going for under $1,000 USD last year?
  3. OctavianH
    The model 2018 with some improved internals is sold at a higher price than the older one. Details here about what's different than the original:

  4. TmKing
    I bought an Elise.

    I don't know a lot about how to connect my Gear (ibasso dx200>chord mojo>Elise>sennheiser hd800). I connected the ibasso to the mojo via an optical cable, and the mojo to the Elise with a mini jack to rca.

    The Elise still needs hours and hours to burn in, but I Already find the sound amazing, I never heard this kind of quality.

    If anyone has any tips for me concerning my setup, shoot!

  5. Scutey
    Blimey, bt, that was bargain of the decade!, and I wholeheartedly agree with you, 4 top flight tubes and the T1 is an outstanding combo.
  6. Scutey
    Welcome to the thread @TmKing , I see you joined Head-Fi on my birthday! :ksc75smile:. Good to hear you're enjoying your Elise, you don't say whether it is new or used?, my reason for asking is if it is new it will need a good 80+ hours before you even start to hear Elise hint at it's full potential, I would stick with what you have for a little while so you can get a good idea of how Elise sounds/evolves and then start to play with system/tubes etc, just a suggestion of course!, anyway enjoy your journey.

    ps if you have time it's also very well worth looking through past posts on here regarding system and tube rolling, there is an absolutely mine of invaluable info on here.
  7. TmKing
    15683203309858859910507090261895.jpg Hello, it's a brand new one, I know it needs burning in but sounds incredible already.

    I've read a lot but haven't been able to read every post, it's a mine for sure!

    I haven't listened to my hd800 to, so I think that one also needs a couple of hours burning in time. :)
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  8. Preachy1
    I am learning that it does NOT play nice-nice with some of my planars. Cannot use ZMF blackwoods, but my LCD-3's work well. Have not yet given enough time to the LCD-XC's or the Ori's yet. With the Blackwoods, I need to dial the volume to around 11:00. With the Auteur and Atticus (and in fact the LCD-3s) I barely get above 9:00 to achieve the same volume level. But the overall sound with the blackwoods is, in a word, "sucky". They perform very well with the Woo WA7 and with my lower end solid state setup.

    But every now and again, I stop listening to my gear and actually listen to the music!!! :)
  9. OctavianH
    With T1 my volume is around 9 but my Qutest is set to 3V output. Maybe I listen to lower volume than others.

    @TmKing You have a setup close to mine with Mojo, how do you find the pairing with HD800?
  10. TmKing
    It sounds very good :) can't compare it with a lot of other setups. The grado rs2e also sounds great.
  11. OctavianH
    Time for some french prog. metal. Adagio is an incredible band:

    T1 + DH Labs Air Matrix + Elise are shining on this record :)
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  12. Scutey
    Not bad at all, this is a new one for me :thumbsup:
  13. OctavianH
    I discovered Adagio by mistake 10 years ago when attending a concert club here in Brasov. The club was located in an underground parking lot which was used during the week by a major local bank. During weekend they were renting the place for events. At that moment they were promoting their 2009 album "Archangels in Black" which is also a solid recommendation from my side. A great band, for those who enjoy the genre. Unfortunately I was not able to see them live since then.
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  14. LoryWiv
    Spent some time tube rolling this weekend, here are some quick impressions:

    1. RCA 6SN7 GT (JAN, 1948) drivers --> Tung Sol 7236 powers: Good balance of detail and euphony, balanced across the frequencies, great soundstage but the mids were notably grainy
    2. RCA 6SN7 GT (JAN, 1948) drivers --> Tung Sol 5998 powers: Not a good combo., lost frequency balance, detail and smaller stage, bass was very prominent but a bit loose. Too warm.
    3. RCA 6SN7 GT (JAN, 1948) drivers --> Philips EL32 powers: Pleasant enough but a bit anemic, flat sounding. The EL32 seemed ill-suited as output tube in this configuration
    4. RCA 6SN7 GT (JAN, 1948) drivers --> Stock Elise 6AS7G powers: Not bad really, but no magic either. Stage width was a weak point and midrange grain reappeared (< 7236)
    5. Stock Psvane 6SN7 "UK" drivers --> Tung Sol 7236 power: Enjoyable, great detail and stage but bass light."Solid state" quality, missing out on euphony and warmth, left me wanting more
    6. Stock Psvane 6SN7 "UK" drivers --> Tung Sol 5998 powers: A bit warmer than with the TS 7236, decent detail but stage collapsed a bit and highs were brittle on certain tracks
    7. Philips EL32 drivers --> Tung Sol 5998 powers: I didn't see it coming but this combination is the surprise winner. There is transparency, pace rhythm and timing that just sounds "correct," It has excellent balance across the frequencies, stage is smaller than 7236 but not constricted and there is air around the instruments that adds realism, emotion and presence. I find that I marvel briefly at the technicalities of Elise's musical presentation with this tube set BUT don't dwell on that as toe-tapping soon takes over.

    I am both too experienced at the wallet-unfriendliness of this hobby and too new to tube rolling to think this is my endgame, but I am enjoying it very much. One other perk is that this Elise tube combination sounds excellent and fully engaging at low volumes, a characteristic I've come to recognize as amongst the indicators of quality sound.

    Special thanks to @connieflyer for helping me out. The Feliks-Audio head-fi community is very supportive and populated with genuinely nice, generous people.

    Rig 9-22-19.jpg Folder.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  15. connieflyer
    LoryWiv , glad you found a good combination for yourself. Dl32r a little weak to be used as powers but they do very good job as drivers the RCA was 1948 not 1848 date of manufacture it may not have been written clearly on the box. Or the tube, but can you imagine if you would have had an RCA 6 ns7 actually made in 1848, methinks you would be a very very wealthy man! Which you could use to sell to fund your next round of tube rolling. When I had my Elise I did a lot and I mean a lot of tube rolling it's very engaging finding new combinations and what they will actually do to what you hear once I got the Euforia, I started to get a little more selective with the tubes that I rolled. Part of that of course it's experience and part of that is the experience of others trusted members of the thread using their expertise to help lead me to the right combinations as well. Glad you are enjoying the music.
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