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Experimental Rock Music (Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Grunge, Brit-pop, Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Madchester, Ethereal Wave, etc.) Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Music' started by larethio, May 5, 2016.
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  1. alexandros a
    a moon shaped pool Best realease this year so far "Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief" must be the most ethereal track ever written by them, a totally gem, havent see them performing it live yet on tneir concerts
  2. alexandros a
    SCHNAUSS IS A GOD...A "strangely isolated place" is the best concept record ever been written,in my humble opinion,it is a refference record regarding shoegaze/ethereal/contemporary electronica..and saying that with absolutely clear mind and ears,'been listening to shoegaze/neopsychedelia/ethereal stuff since early 90's ("VERVE's gravity grave era)epic stuff,also have completely coctea's discography eps/singles/ and Slowdive's as well but Schauss was a revelation to my ears early 2000 "far away trains passing by"he is more than genius man,by the way in a month or so his 5th record will be released check it out.
  3. WraithApe
    If you have the time, Mr. A, you should check out the rest of this thread (shouldn't take long, it's not a big thread yet!). We've talked about all this stuff so far, and you might get some other leads too. A couple of pages back we were talking about Verve (I noted your capitalization there [​IMG]). I also prefer their early shoegaze stuff like Gravity Grave and Storm in Heaven to the later transition to The Verve and Brit Pop.
    Larethio likes this.
  4. alexandros a
    yeah. man this was quite a wrong mutation over there first e.p.she's a superstar/gravity grave(a hymn) was a definition of of neopsychedelia, AIRIEL keeps it going somehow,used to buy lots of stuff from claire records and tonevendor,does RESPLANDOR rings a bell?:wink:
  5. Pastapipo
    I agree, it is indeed a true gem. For me, "Present tense" is the most valued track on the album. 
  6. alexandros a
    Anyone here in the forum who really appreciates Schnauss's music is welcome to contact me for talking and stuff[​IMG]
  7. alexandros a
    Syd Barrett still alive
  8. Larethio

    Sadly the answer is no. He died of pancreatic cancer. But his psychadelic legacy lives on. :)
  9. WraithApe
    Ugh, Radiohead. There's already a Radiohead appreciation thread out there, let's not turn this into another one...
  10. Larethio

    You cannot deny what Radiohead has done for us. Especially OK Computer. Cmon WraithApe! Join the dark side! :wink:
    Pastapipo likes this.
  11. Larethio
    If i had to be completely honest though i prefer Radiohead's guitar oriented works much more "cough" the bends "cough" "cough" OK Computer.
  12. WraithApe
    Never! [​IMG] 
  13. alexandros a
    KID A best Radiohead work so far[​IMG] till moon shaped pool that is just subliem..
  14. Pastapipo
    You will eventually be one of us. *Manic laugh*
    On a different note, what is the best cover of an alternative/indie song you've heard?

    This is definitely a contester for my first place.
  15. WraithApe
    I like The New Pornographers' cover of The Donner Party's When I Was a Baby better than the original:

    And it's an alt. cover of a pop song, but Kylie never sounded better...
    Pastapipo likes this.
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