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Experimental Rock Music (Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Grunge, Brit-pop, Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Madchester, Ethereal Wave, etc.) Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Music' started by larethio, May 5, 2016.
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  1. WraithApe

    Milhaven - Milhaven
    Pivot - O Soundtrack My Heart
  2. Dim666




    Coming soon Can, Harmonia, Hoeldelin, TD, Neu !, popol Vuh etc...
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  3. xylin6
    now it is 1984 knock,knock at your front door

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  4. xylin6

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  5. xylin6
    wasn't really sure where to post this as it could be considered shoe gaze or ambient/electronic. either way...prepare to have yr mind blown. eat your heart out Robin Guthrie
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  6. davidcotton
    Has Solaris The Martian Chronicles been mentioned in this thread yet?  2 hour live concert (professionally shot) on youtube.  Pretty good stuff, though I could have done without the mime artist about 30 minutes in for one section of it!
  7. j4100
    I haven't been on here for a while, so here are a few that I have bought recently
    Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients by Terminal Cheesecake
    and Gnoomes are touring the UK in June!
    Tschak! by Gnoomes
    I saw Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation play last month - great gig.
    Mirage by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
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  8. j4100
    Those of you with ambient leanings should really enjoy this one. I'm a sucker for the cello. Released earlier this month.
    Cinderland by High Plains
    Here's one from the North East of England - a veritable hotbed of psych.
    Ultra High Dimensionality by Haikai No Ku
    Freak Out Orgasm! by HIBUSHIBIRE
    ...and finally, a cracker from another place with great psych talent, Japan. Again, released this month.
  9. xylin6
    incredible band from NZ who made three flawless vinyls on the Flying Nun imprint

  10. Dim666

  11. TexasBuck

  12. WraithApe
    Tortoise - TNT
  13. WraithApe

    R.E.M. - Reckoning
    Microdisney - The Clock Comes Down The Stairs
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  14. BlakeT

    Chromatics | Looking for Love

    The KVB | In Deep

    Pleasure Symbols | Control
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  15. BlakeT

    Diiv | Under the Sun

    Eugene the Oceanographer | The Spirit of the Tiger
    EDIT:  I didn't pay close attention to the OP's initial post, so I may have strayed from the experimental rock theme.  Mea Culpa. 
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