Etymotic Research EVO impressions and discussion thread
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Yeah, the SuperBaX are expensive. I like them a lot, though.
I love the 4.4mm balanced Bispa plug on them. That thing is so small and convenient. They really didn't hold back in parts. (Or it really just looks like a Bispa plug)
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Yeah, the SuperBaX are expensive. I like them a lot, though.
The balanced cable I reviewed was indeed the SuperBaX.
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UE does have a balanced cable as well. But I think it’s supplied by Eston so it won’t be any cheaper, nearly half the price of the EVO.
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After seeing SuperReviews, I was curious enough to try the brown filter with the ER2XR to see if it brings out much improvements. I really couldn't tell much of the difference. There probably is some tonal differences, but no technical improvements at all.

Been listening to EVO for more comparison with the ER2XR, my other Ety I like decently enough (mainly for the bass). Actually, there is no comparison (except bass). The highs on the EVO pretty much stomps the ER2 in terms of details, separation, and imaging (I think this was the reason why I really dislike ER2SE with classic Ety bass, without that bass there's really nothing to be interested in). Imaging is pretty mediocre with the 2XR. Sounds just pop with the EVO, and the technicalities really shows. Jazz is a good test for this, and how much better the EVO images. Just another level on the EVO with Jazz. On the ER2XR I don't quite get much of the shimmery images of the cymbals, and the metallic instruments. It's really smoothed out that resolution is really lacking.

So, I don't really see the point of holding on to ER2XR with EVO around.

Also, I think I was wrong about the sound stage being about the same as the classics. The imaging just seems bigger on the EVO with the sound positioning being much more noticeable due to the much higher technicalities.
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Received Ety Evo couple days ago. It is very nice looking iem and built like tank.

Stainless steel body is quite heavy but feels nice to have it in hand.

So far I like how it sounds. it is neutral + mild bass boost on the sub-bass area adds a bit of warmth into the song. It is the 3rd iem from Etymotic I bought but hardest to get the right fit. The housing is in the way that it cannot go any further after certain insertion. I was able to fit evo deep, about the same as er4xr would go.

I have to try a bit more to have final thought but so far it is very good iem if you can fit it to your ear. if you don't get enough insertion depth or seal, it sounds like cheap $10 iem, especially in the mid-high area. Insertion depth is critical otherwise high extension drops fast after 10khz.

I can tell why there are two very different impression saying it lacks treble extension on the other hands saying it retain classic ety sound + bass on this iem.
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I have now posted my impressions of the EVO here:

I hope my impressions can help someone decide whether the EVOs are for you or not.


Would I buy the Etymotic EVO?
YES!!! I think the EVO is exactly the (universal)IEM I have been looking for. Given that I do not have any headphone store nearby and it has been years since local head-fi meets were held in Europe, I do not have a lot of references to other current IEM’s that could compete with the EVO. So, I have to trust what I read and trust the Etymotic brand for what I know they deliver.


Yes, I would take it!

I feel lucky that I was selected to be a part of the tour or else I would not have had a chance to try them for years. I hope my impressions can help those who are looking for a neutral but technically superior IEM to decide whether the EVO is for them or not. To me they are everything I love about ER4XR, just better.

The Etymotic EVO are definitely highly recommended.
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I believe Etymotic is including it with EVO and ER4 that is ordered directly from them.
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I brought the EVO's with me for work at the office today and just wanted to share a real goosebump experience when listening to this album from my iPhone with the lightning to minijack connector:

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Hey guys, hope you're all well! Just posted up my review of the EVO on Everyday Listening. This was a fun IEM to revisit and really took me back to the fun I had with the ER4S, which was one of the first IEMs that got me into audio.


Ultimately, I do feel that the tuning is no longer of common taste and likely isn't the most versatile for a daily driver. But in saying so, it is highly accomplished, delivering market-leading tonal cleanliness and overall separation. Signature to Ety, the EVO retains excellent note definition throughout but also doesn't extend well into the deepest lows or the highest highs with a clear, preferring a more focused presentation.


I've added a few comparisons to the new wave of $5XX IEMs including the Variations in addition, I've added some comments on how it compares to the vastly more expensive Soft Ears RS10 which targets a very similar sound on a more capable 10-driver platform. As always, hope this is helpful and enjoy :)

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