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Etymotic ER-4P/S, or sell for newer IEM?

  1. wacomme
    I like the sound of my old Etys, however, the 3-flange tip hurts my ears after about 10 minutes of listening. I'm thinking about trying Comply tips to see if that helps with comfort. I'm also contemplating the Ety custom tip option for $100. Then again, perhaps I should consider newer IEMs and sell the Etys. Even if I can get a comfortable fit, the Etys stick out from my ears quite a bit - not a huge problem, but a little bothersome. And, I'm not particularly fond of the microphonics when moving about (though I tend to be sitting for most of my Ety listening).
    1) Keep Etys and get better tips (Comply's?). This is the cheapest option. Then I could spend a little money on a new portable amp - I currently have a very old HeadRoom TotalAirHead (how good is this amp compared to the newer ones on the market?). IBasso D-Zero? Fiio E7/E9 combo (I could use the E7 as a portable, and the combo to improve the sound coming from the computer to an AudioEngine A2; not sure if I can afford the future E17.
    2) Keep Etys and get a custom tip. Etymotic program? Westone? Sensaphonics?
    3) Sell the Etys and get a newer IEM. (HiFiMan RE-Zero?, Brainwavz M4?, Other?). I like the Ety sound; however, I have little to compare it to.
    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  2. cifani090
    Id go with option number three because custom tips aren't as good as you think they are. Such tips aren't made for all types of headphones and the sound may not resonate properly and the tips aren't as good as true customs. Id personally sell them and get entry level customs, depending on your budget.
  3. wacomme

    Which entry customs would you suggest given that I like the Ety sound. 
    I listen to all types of music, but my careful listening is often jazz.

  4. cifani090
    Well customs are about $1100 at what's your looking at, JH13's. High end universals are Sennheiser IE8's which are great for jazz. 
  5. dweaver
    I beg to differ about custom tips, especially the ones promoted by Etymotic as they are designed specifically for your IEM. They are not a reshell of your earphone just a custom tip. Take a look at Joker's review of the HF5 and his experience with the custom tip being offered by Etymotic.
    BTW you might also want to try these tips from the Earplug Store i just received my sample pack today (includes 4 sizes so you can find the best fit) and they are much much more comfortable than the Ety tri-flanges. The litte ridges are extremely soft and the bend helped me get them into the canal much easier. I am not sure but they might even be more isolating than the tri's as well.
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    Nothing else sounds like an ER4 so if you really like their sound I would go for option 2 but perhaps try option 1 first as it's cheap (you could also try the Shure black olive tips). Not even my full custom JH13 manage to quite do the things the ER4 excels at (but it does a lot of other things better so I do prefer the JH13).
    And the original AirHead was a quite acceptable amp with the ER4-S, that was the set I started with about 8 years ago as my first amp and iem
  7. djvkool
    You can try and use the Shure Olives, see if that fits you well and comfortably
  8. Liplip
    My ears hurt with the tri flanges as well, especially when I inserted in deeper to get a better seal. I'm more comfortable with comply foams.
  9. wacomme
    Do the flanges go in as deep as the Ety tri-flange?

  10. wacomme
    More than likely this is the direction I'm heading. The Shure tips are a cheap option, but it's still $20 and I could go straight to Ety customs for $100. An additional $67 will buy me custom ear plugs for night sleeping (wife snores and I currently use foam plugs nightly).
    The Shure tips are easy to take inland out of my ears. With practice, are customs easy to take in and out of the ears too?

  11. cifani090

    By the looks of it, yes they do. It looks like somewhat of a custom tip, but with tri- flange parts on it for better isolation.
  12. robm321
    I would go for the customs at $100. You won't find another IEM that sounds like Etys and the $100 also includes the Dr. Appointment. 
    I'm going to get them as soon as I get time to go to the audiologist which may be awhile. 
  13. dweaver
    It goes deep like the tri-flange not sure if it's as deep or deeper but very close either way. the little ridges are very pliable and if I move back and for they adjust to form a deep seal. They are shaped kind of like a custom tip with that bend which really does help get them in ear easier (or at least with my ears it helps a lot as I have a bend).
  14. wacomme
    For Ety customs, should I go with ACS or Microsonic, or doesnt it matter.
    I'm also planning to lose 10-15 pounds in the next month or two. Will weight lose affect the fit of the customs tips?
  15. Coasterjeffry
    I consider my ety micro sonic custom sleeves a waste of $100.  Fit is fine, they are comfortable, but they altered the sound.   Should have bought $100 if Shure olives...

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