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Epic Piano (does it exist?)

Discussion in 'Music' started by form, Mar 8, 2011.
  1. Deep Funk
    Sviatoslav Richter, I almost forgot and I should check some of his work out.
  2. AmanGeorge Contributor

    I know this is a bit of a thread bump but... I had downloaded this on your recommendation a few months ago but had forgotten about it and not given it a listen until tonight, and I've got goosebumps. Thanks for the incredible recommendation.
  3. Ynoskire
    His Sun Bear Concerts are even better... [​IMG]
  4. Uncle Erik Contributor
    No mention of Oscar Peterson yet?

    For shame.
  5. Sordel
    Odd that The Koln Concert hit the spot: it's not what I'd call "epic" exactly, although it's certainly long (and, of course, superb).
    When I saw the thread title, Sorabji was the composer who came most readily to mind, since his piano works are the longest, most technically demanding and have the most extreme dynamics. Opus Clavicembalisticum is the work most often mentioned, but you could try Toccata no 1 or Sonata no. 4 for the same effect in (slightly) more digestible works. (If you want a really short example of Sorabji, try the "Tarantella" third movement from the "Rosario d'arabeschi", which is reminiscent of Busoni's wonderful piano concerto.
    The big influence on Sorabji was Busoni, so try Fantasia Contrappuntistica: at half an hour, it isn't excessively long, but that doesn't stop it providing an epic journey. There's Liszt as a step back further still, but the works are a lot shorter and probably less overwhelming. Piano sonata no. 29 ("Hammerklavier") by Beethoven would also be worth a listen. And, personally, I'd add Messiaen's Catalogue des Oiseaux which, while not always loud, is so extraordinary a piano work that probably everyone should own it.
    Prokofiev's "war sonatas" (6-8) are also highly regarded for their massive, symphonic sound, although depite they're title they are not quite as "sensational" as some of the other works I've mentioned. The "precipitato" from the seventh sonata, with its rhythmic intensity, would certainly suit a metal fan!
    Oh, and I've mentioned it already this week in another thread, but I'd say that piano music doesn't come much more epic than Cyprien Katsaris performing Liszt's transcription of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony on solo piano.
  6. classakg
    This one is pretty good:

  7. Chrispy
    I'll throw out some late classical early romantic , Schubert - Der Erlkönig
    should also read along english lyrics as this goes along. 
  8. RPGWiZaRD
    Maybe not what you're looking for but others might find it useful anyway and for me when I think epic piano and not classical related (which doesn't bring any motions to me usually) I think of things like (cuz they have such a nice melody, for me it's not the complexity or pace etc but the melody)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE5bfwD8Wic (same but performed nicely by some1 on youtube)
    DJ Babyboi is otherwise a very piano influenced breakbeat artist, here's some1 playing a good piano cover of his remix of "You are the one" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FgScnnP0l8
    Original song which is not strictly piano only but piano is the main instrument.
    A very nice emotional song from an anime series.
    Piano cover for a extremely popular trance song
    And ofc To Zanarkand from FFX (this particular arrangement is spectacular)
    Anyone knows more of this kinda stuff ? Feel free to post. Reason I'm interested is cuz I play a bit piano (self taught) or more like keyboard/synth actually due to budget/space issues :p but I admit I dont' play very often anymore, here's some example recordings I made long time ago:
  9. Randall DZM
    Check out Kyle Landry. Him and Fantasiex3 played some duet stuff/arrangements together that were excellent.
  10. SARodrigues
    Hi headfiers, first post, long time lurker. :)
    RPGWiZaRD, I enjoyed most of your links, thank you!
    Probably not what the OP is looking for, but I think this is worth listening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR94NDIfGmA
    Not a piano solo, however it is EPIC in my opinion. :wink:

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