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Empire Ears Fourth of July Sale

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by ajyagle, Jul 3, 2019.
  1. ajyagle
    Hey guys!

    In honor of Fourth of July, we are running 15% off on all of our IEMs, excluding the Wraith and Valkyrie.
    This applies to both Universal and Custom. Check it out on our online store. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

    Have a great holiday and enjoy your weekend!

    *Coupon Code: YAYAMERICA
    Empire Ears Stay updated on Empire Ears at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/EmpireEars https://twitter.com/EmpireEars http://www.empireears.com/
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  2. bvng3540
    When can we place order for the valkyrie and wraith?
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  3. Watagump
    Anything free other than a t-shirt?
  4. bvng3540
    How about a box of twizzlers :ksc75smile:
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  5. Watagump

    How about MORE than a box. :yum:
  6. macdonjh
    Now come on, that was a serious question and as we all know it's impossible to be serious with Twizzlers, it's in their commercials.
  7. macdonjh
    Since America is 243 years old, shouldn't EE be offering 243% off their products? It seems fitting. By the way, I'd be all over that.
  8. Watagump

    If that were the case they would have to give us money along with the product. Lets not be greedy and just settle for free, its fair to everyone.
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  9. macdonjh
    No, no, no, don't be hasty, there's another option. Buy a Nemesis at a 100% discount and get a pair of Legend X as EE's gift to you. That would be awesome. Besides, what better way is there to celebrate America than to channel Marx: from each according to his ability to build awesome IEMs, to each according to his need to listen to those awesome IEMs?
  10. Seancs14
    You just about had me! I’ve wanted some Legend-X’s since participating in the tour last year, but haven’t been able to convince myself to pull the trigger.

    I’m headed on vacation next Tuesday, saw this beautiful America Day discount, and impulse decided to take the plunge to remind myself of the land of the free and home of the brave while in the wild foreign land of Canada. :) Went to the site and saw that the new case is even included now, which put me over the edge out of duty and love for country.

    But tragedy struck when I went to add them to the cart. They’re out of stock with a 3-4 week lead time. You’ve lifted my hopes to new highs, only to dash them away.

    Sadly it wasn’t meant to be and the rational half of my mind is starting to wrestle back control. If your site is wrong on inventory though, let me know and I might drown it into submission with the sweet sounds of a legend.
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