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Emotiva A-100

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ld100, Nov 15, 2016.
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  1. ckhirnigs113
    @KeithEmo Thank you for that in depth explanation! I think I'll have to do some more comparisons between my 4W iCan SE and the 50W A-100. The iCan SE has a 15V DC power supply, so I assume that's the max voltage it can provide. From what you explained, I'm assuming the voltage available should be the same regardless of gain setting, correct? Therefore with my planars, there should be no advantage using medium or high gain versus low gain as long as I can get adequate volume, right?
  2. bequietjk
    Where exactly can we find the voltage output on an amp spec list? Are the volts that are needed for higher impedence cans coming from the power supply, like the 25volts Keith mentioned coming from the A100?
  3. mushin1989
    Keith, thanks for your thorough and thoughtful reply.

    I do run speakers. Sony SSCS5s, in fact. I got them for $75 or so on BF (they're selling on Amazon right now for $73). They're punch way above their weight despite the fact that not a ton of people are talking about them. The Emotiva drives them quite well, and would do even better if I had a subwoofer to help them out so the lower frequences could be something else's job.

    I don't see anything about subwoofers on the A-100 product page, but I assume the RCA line out does the job the absence of LFE?

    I think in some cases the issue with SQ may have been that I wasn't letting the amp warm up. Or me listening too critically/being paranoid because I did not buy it new.

    As I noted, my setup is a PC running USB into a Topping D10 out into the A-100. Is there any way I can use the trigger function? The D10 has RCA in/out and S/PDIF. There doesn't seem to be anything I can plug into the Topping to accomplish this. Wondering what kind of input/output I'd need on a source device. My PC has an unused 3.5'' jack, but it wouldn't do much good to have it trigger off the PC's Realtek drivers. I confess total ignorance to audio triggers here as I haven't done anything with them before.

    **BTW, if any of this has been answered in a previous post, please just direct me to it, not trying to waste anyone's time!**

    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
  4. HiFiRebel
    I got my Argon Mk3 headphones and am happy to report that there is absolutely no floor noise with them after installing jumpers in. However, it is a different story with my Philips Fidelio X2. Without jumpers, dead quiet, no noise floor at all. With jumpers installed the noise floor is very noticeable when no music is playing.
  5. Yevgen Chupak
    Any measurable difference with or without jumpers on Argons soundwise? with the same volume? Still, hate to put that jumper... using my A100 not only with Argons... and it will be too much for my other cans.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  6. HiFiRebel
    I'm not sure about "measarable" but to my ears the bass sounded thinner without jumpers in on Argons. However, I spent listening to them without jumpers for maybe 10-15 min. I really wish it was some kind of switch instead of jumpers. I could then just switch between when listening to different headphones.
  7. ckhirnigs113
    I have not used my Argon MK2's with the A-100 with the jumpers taken out yet. I went ahead and put the jumpers in before I even received my Argons. I assumed the extra power on tap is the whole reason for using the A-100 with headphones. I have read that planar headphones are not as sensitive to impedance mismatching/damping factor as dynamic headphones, so there might not be too much of an effect on the Argons after all. I'll be sure to try my Argons with the jumpers taken out one of these days and report back.

    I did try my HD58X with jumpers taken out, and the bass got much more bloated sounding. I much preferred the sound with the jumpers installed. The problem was that I had so little play on the volume knob. Despite that, I still use the A-100 with jumpers installed.
  8. HiFiRebel
    One of the reasons I ordered a DAC with a pre-amp is to gain more volume control on the A-100 amp.
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  9. Yevgen Chupak
    I have Fostex A4BL as an Amp/Dac and it's volume control also controlling not only headphones out but RCA out as well...
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