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Emotiva A-100

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ld100, Nov 15, 2016.
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  1. ld100
    Has anyone seen new Emotiva A-100? I wonder how that will work for a headphone amp?
  2. ld100
    You guys notices there is a headphone jack now? Am I the only one interested in that thing?
  3. cabate
    Yes, the new Emotiva A-100 should make a very nice headphone amp with plenty of power!
    I just ordered one for $169 (the holiday sale just started)! I'll let you know how it sounds after I spend some time with it.
  4. ld100
    What DAC are you planning to use?
  5. vincedea
    I want this but I have the mini a 100 still not sure what to do with it if I bought the upgraded one

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  6. cabate
    I'm using the Musical Fidelity MX-DAC.
  7. monkuboy
    I received the A-100 a few days ago and like it very much.  It has no problem at all driving my Senn HD-650 and HD-800 and it has very good control over the sound. It's clean, clear and with very well-defined bass. 
    The amp comes with a couple of jumpers to put over the resistors that will then put the full amp output to the headphone jack. I tried this and didn't really any difference so I took the jumpers back off.  The amp is also dead silent even with the knob turned all the way up. My normal listening level is with the knob around 9:00 (drawback is there is no marker on the knob) and around 10:00 it is very loud (too loud for my tastes). 
    The amp has good build construction - it looks good and is very solid. I like the versatility of the volume knob plus it has an auto-play setting so you can trigger the amp either with a normal 1/8" trigger wire or by detecting an incoming source signal. And it has pass through RCA outputs.  All in all it's a great amp, especially for the price. 
    The amp replaced an Oppo HA-1. While the HA-1 is a marvelous piece of equipment, my main reason for replacing was I really didn't utilize all the features and functions of the HA-1 and it seemed to me to be too expensive for just using as a headphone amp so I took a chance on the A-100 and am very pleased. 
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  8. ld100

    Will unplugging headphones send signal to preouts? Will it work with powered monitors?
  9. monkuboy
    The preouts are always live.  I haven't tested it but the manual says it just sends along whatever signal is input to the RCA input jacks. Therefore it should work with powered monitors. The A-100 is pretty versatile.
    Here's a link to the manual:
  10. ld100

    If headphones are in preouts should be off I think.
  11. monkuboy
    I don't think so.  The speaker outputs are muted if the headphones are in, but the preouts are always live. The preout just gets passed the signal from the inputs then it is up to the device that receives that signal to control it. 
  12. ld100
    You might be right. I need something that would have volume control for headphones and monitors...
  13. chedda7
    They are still on sale so I just ordered one.  Going to see how it compares to my Audio GD C-2.
  14. CdnGrimlock
    I just bought one of these amp to drive my HD-650 and HE-400i.
    So far I'm really impressed with it. Good separations, and dead silent when turned up and no signal is going through.
  15. elwappo99
    Check out this thread:
    I was the first to hook up the a100 to headphones. Emotiva adding a headphone jack to the front is definitely head-fi inspired. 
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