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Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

Discussion in 'Music' started by morbidtoaster, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. TehJam
    I was disappointed as well, but the tracks are well above normal trap tunes, good release (I'm sure we'll get some really glitchy stuff soon anyways). My god I love the Sub-bass in Toys Riot though, excellent production. 
  2. chuckle490
    Just downloaded this from the Nest on drip.fm.. I don't like it very much after giving it a single listen. The Rags EP from a few days ago was very well done trap imo, I am still listening to the track 4444 daily. OWSLA is going a bit overboard on the trap releases.
  3. Apo0th3karY
    Interesting. I'm not a fan of trap so I was posting that to get some reaction from you guys, as Place 2b & Paimon are a couple of my favourite producers at the moment
    But that said, I was disappointed that Teddy Killerz didn't release any drum and bass, but what I failed to remember is that Teddy Killerz is aka Place 2b & Paimon. This duo is REALLY busy releasing so much between two projects so quickly. 
    The Dark Defender LP from Place 2b & Paimon is out as of yesterday. There's the dark evil drum and bass I was expecting >:D
  4. adamlr
    i like the 1st track with the barrington levy sample, very cool. i have fond memories of seeing him live together with alpha blondie.
    thank you for that, appreciated
    high maintenance are epic! the 2nd track was fantastic too

    i wouldnt go as far as to say im a trap fan, but i do like it. i agree that from the 1st 2 sec of the intro its pretty obvious its gonna be trap, but all in all, i like this ep. i dont think id actually buy it, but it was a nice casual listen =]
    so somehow i missed this ep when it was released in 2011, so just in case im not the only one, heres a link. not too fond of the other track, but this one is pure SKREAM

    heres a great release from liquicity. iv actually heard a couple other tracks by Melo and im starting to quite like them, they definitely live up to their name too [​IMG]

    i was away for a couple of days. it was nice to come back to all this great music =]
  5. ZMZB
    I'll leave this here.
  6. Kirnupiima
    What can one say? I'm sold right from the start.
  7. norco
    infected mushroom has one of the best productions when it comes to electronic music, i don't always like the groove/rythm of what i hear, but the production level is so impressive that it is just eargasm to feel all those mystery sounds they create.

  8. MorbidToaster
    New free album from Giraffage.
  9. J Bones
    I found my home! I've been looking for some type of thread/forum with exactly this point for a long, LONG time now. Thank you Head-Fi gods! I'll will report back with some music here soon [​IMG]
  10. MorbidToaster
    We're a month away from 2 years strong in this thread and that makes me really happy. 
  11. Apo0th3karY
  12. TehJam
    Hard tune right here, excited for the upcoming album:

  13. Apo0th3karY
    Now that you mention it, one of the biggest dnb promoters in Toronto announced TWO live dnb acts three weeks apart from one another. This is huge, and it's right on the heels of Bass Week here in Toronto too....
    I missed Dirtyphonics Live when they came last year.... And to be honest, kinda thought that tracks was a little cheesy with the metal.... I dunno.... I used to be the biggest metalhead shaming anythng that wasn't played on guitars and drums, and it had to be the most notes per second played, with as little repetitive beats as possible but now I find metal influence in EDM has to be done tastefully, and imo, I don't think Dirtyphonics pulled it off with that one. 
    ANYWAYS.... There's lots goin on for Drum and Bass (and a bit of dubstep) in Toronto at the end of March. It's gonna be epic. Netsky LIVE, and Dirtyphonics LIVE is a nice treat too. The end of last year Destiny was kind of getting a bad rep within the passionate dnb scene here in Toronto..... Well this looks like it's gonna make up for it. 
    The Flyers:
    The only differences here are that Projek: Hospitality (23rd) has S.P.Y added to the line up, and on the 28th, it's Nicky Blackmarket b2b Marcus Visionary (local legend, whom also tours the UK periodically). If it's not already obvious, Toronto's passion and love for dnb is second only the the UK imo, and I love it.
    Mr. Brown is my homie. Good friend, even better person. Last time he played a Destiny party, he closed the night after Chase & Status got off stage and he actually ended up making the place stay open 40 minutes longer, and EVERYONE was saying how much better his set was than Chase & Status. He's got tunes. 
    Lush is a sick DJ, nuff said.
  14. Kirnupiima
    Bonobo's new album is getting a release also in 7x10" format. What on earth is going on? This might or might not be the coolest thing ever. I hope theyre 45rpms and possibly in different colours too LOL.
  15. Niteblooded
    I was going through I hate Dub-stage back in 2011 so I'm not surprised I missed that release but glad you shared that!  That is a good one I can play in the background while pretty much doing anything. 
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