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Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

Discussion in 'Music' started by morbidtoaster, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. MorbidToaster
    Note to newcomers: This thread has been around for quite awhile. If you want to be 'up to date' I'd probably look at the last 10 pages or so.
    I swear if I ever see stupid genre arguments in this thread I'm going to flip.
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Quote: TehJam
    So, I figured I'd start this thread. There's a music recommendation thread up, but I've noticed most of it isn't in the vein of music I'm looking for.
    My life pretty much revolves around the latest releases in Drum n Bass, Electro House, Hardcore, Trance, Dance, etc. I'm always on the hunt for new music.
    If you're new to the EDM scene these albums are a great place to start.
    Artist/Album/Genre (Update 2/11/12)
    [I try to keep this list balanced between as many genres as I can. Try them out and then ask for more of what you enjoyed]
    - Blackmill / Miracle / Dubstep
    - Skream / Skream / Dubstep
    - Feint / Clockwork Hearts EP / Drum n Bass
    - Metrik / The Departure / Drum n Bass
    - Camo & Krooked / Cross the Line / Drum n Bass
    - Moby / Destroyed / Downtempo
    - Porter Robinson / Spitfire EP / Electro House
    - BT / These Hopeful Machines / Trance & Glitch
    - Crystal Method / Vegas / Big Beat
    - Pendulum / Immersion / Drum n Bass
    - Feed Me / Feed Me's Big Adventure / Electro House
    - Logistics / Now More Than Ever / Drum n Bass
    - NOISIA / Split the Atom / Drum n Bass
    - Deadmau5 / 4x4=12 / Electro House
    - Dub FX / Everythinks a Ripple / Experimental Hip-Hop
    - Netsky / Netsky / Drum n Bass
    - PPK / Russian Trance Formation / Trance
    - Glitch Mob / Drink the Sea / Glitch
    - Pretty Lights / Making Up a Changing Mind / Glitch
    - Gemini / Graduation EP / Dubstep
    - KOAN Sound / Funk Blaster EP / Dubstep
    - Burial / Untrue / Downtempo Dubstep
    - Spor / Supernova EP / Drum n Bass
    - BT / This Binary Universe / Downtempo
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  2. ccodesid
    Finally someone else who likes this type of music. I've always liked trance and techno but have just recently been listening to Skrillex, Feed Me, Demon Groove, and Cyberpunkers (cyberpunkers are pretty awesome, especially their mixes on soundcloud). If you know of anyother bands like Feed Me it would be cool to know
  3. MorbidToaster
    Electro House then.
    Try out Danger. A little less the HOUSE side, and a little more the ELECTRO side. My personal favorite being a song called '14h54'. It's just stupid good.
    Honestly, try out some of Deadmau5's Electro stuff. He does a lot of Deep House, but does some pretty great Electro House stuff. Feed Me is actually on HIS label. Try uh...Dr Funkenstein, and Ghosts N Stuff (The version WITHOUT Swire, I mean, I love Swire...but it's a better song without him)
    Of course try out Spor, considering that IS Feed Me. Some of the Spor songs bleed pretty close to Feed Me's sound.

  4. jamesfonda
    I love minimal tech house and electro
    Dominik Eulberg
    Loco Dice
    Troy Pierce
    Nicholas Jaar
    Joris Voorn
    Also check out soundcloud.com for nice homemade stuff.
    Anyone here like stuff like Cut Copy, Stars and Bonobo?
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  5. RichWhitfield
    Drum & Bass
    noisia and spor for the dark & nasty side
    matrix & futurebound for the more melodic side
    Obviously there are loads more of each type, but I just think they are some great exponents of the styles.
  6. MorbidToaster
    There's some really cool stuff on Soundcloud. This problem I have with it is it's ridiculously hit or miss. Even when I find a good song. I listen to the rest of the stuff by that artist and am disappointed.
    It's an uplifting and depressing experience.
    Eulberg is a favorite of mine too. Though I'm more of a Deep House kind of guy than Minimal stuff.
    Oh, but here is one of my favorite DnB tracks I've found on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/skyfire/by-your-side
    I really liked it because most of it ISN'T DnB. Lots of strings, and some really cool vocal stuff. Then the drums hit you. Brilliant.

  7. RichWhitfield
    That is a very nice track indeed!  Which film/soundtrack is the orchestral stuff from, rings a bell - one of the terminator films?
  8. Ynoskire
    Nicolas Jaar and Efdemin (and all DIAL releases for that matter) are great. Loving Bonobo as well.

    The best electronic release of 2011 is Lucy's debut album Wordplay for Working Bees, dark chopped up techno. Slightly similar to Actress, but less happy, highly recommended.
  9. Marcus_C
    Gret thread, there's not much in this area I discover which I don't like though there are some favourites that spring to mind,
    Chase & Status
    Erol Alkan
    A Trak
    Stanton Warriors
    Soul of Man
    Bag Raiders
    ....I could go on
    Not forgetting the slightly more chilled stuff, Bright like neon love was one of the albums that got me back into electronic music, I wasn't particularly impressed with the last one but In Ghost Colours was good, Black Sands was also pretty good last year, and Bonobo does a very good DJ set, i'd recommend it.
  10. MorbidToaster
    I've been getting really into Skream and Netsky lately. Netsky has always been one of those 'back of my mind' artists until now. I REALLY love his work on Hospitality 2010.
    As for Chase & Status. I can't get too into their new stuff, but did you hear the track they did for the movie 'Harry Brown' (excellent movie, btw)? End Credits - Chase & Status. Some of the most depressing DnB I've ever heard, but it's quite good.
    On another note, here's another recommendation.
    An artist called Robot Science. He's done 3 albums of amazing soundscape-ish minimalist stuff, and you can DL them for free in any format you choose. I get them in FLAC, and 320.

  11. MorbidToaster

    I honestly would like to know myself. It's always so hard to pick out samples from songs like that.

  12. Domz0r
    I'm a Bloody Beetroots and Designer Drugs lover. Great trashy headbanging techno.
    But I've had a few other guys in my playlist lately. Time to Change Pt.1 from Highbloo is just phenomenal, I really like Congorock's style (pretty much the same pattern in most of his song but god is it addictive), and Amtrac's Emergency - EP is also a standout in the last months.
    Bad quality, bass usually isn't as prominent, but you still get the feel of it.

  13. jamesfonda


    That sounds just like what the doctor ordered. I like my tunes dark and brooding with a bit of schizophrenia. Will be sure to check this out.
    On a slightly different note, have you heard Metallic Spheres by the Orb featuring David Gilmour? I just got hold of it recently (it's not too new) and like it. It's not a return to form (Orbvs Terrarvm is one of the best electronic albums ever made imvho) but it's very enjoyable.


    I've never heard of any of those!!....thank you, I'm definitely going to dig around for those and have a listen. Where do I start?
  14. MorbidToaster

    I'd start with early Chase & Status. And as I said in an earlier post, try out the song 'End Credits' by Chase & Status as well.

  15. Marcus_C

    You're welcome, they're quite varied in genre's D&B through to breaks/dubstep.
    A good place is the stanton sessions albums (there are three of them, third one is my favourite,  Chase & Status's first album is worth a listen End credits is on the album, my favourite is eastern dub, it's called "More than a Lot". Mistabishi released his debut album last year, some wierd tracks but some good beats:

    Netsky's self titled album from last year was my favourite album of the year. Listen to Annie Nightingale on BBC Radio 1 and you'll hear more of it. Skream is a heavy remix specialist. Look up Hospital & RAM Records (labels).
    Also, yeah, that SPY track by your side, no idea what it's sampling but it is a quality tune nonetheless, the logistics mix isn't as good in my book even though it doesn't completely ruin the track either.
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