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ELAC Discovery Music Server

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by jarnopp, Jul 28, 2017.
  1. jarnopp
    I'm surprised there isn't a thread, or even a word, about this device. I've heard great things about Roon for a long time. Since I've decided to stop buying multiple CDs a week and go with a Tidal HiFi subscription, this device with built in Roon Essentials (included lifetime with the device) and Tidal integration seemed like it was worth a try.

    All the specs and info is here: https://www.elac.com/product/elac-discovery-music-server/?r=us

    and a couple of screen shots:

    I've been using with an Apple TV and Apple Airport Express while I wait for the Chord Poly, which I hope will take the sound up a notch and increase portability. I will say, the overall experience so far has been fantastic. The new Roon 1.3 software was released the day before my unit arrived, so all my experience has been with that.

    I will wait to do a complete review until after getting the Poly and living with that for a while. I have not used the built-in dac or digital outs at all, as the Elac is in my router closet.

    Looking forward to starting a thread about this for others who have one or are interested.
  2. candysound
    i was quite intrested n this device aswell , seemed a good bargian but i remember reading that it has a roon light edition or something (cant remember) but looking forward to your thoughts and if you can test out the DAC as well would be awesome.
  3. jarnopp
    I have not tried "full" Roon, but the "Roon Essentials" software seems pretty comprehensive. There are a few features missing (like the signal path display) and a limit on 30,000 tracks in the library, but I have fewer than half that and if mostly will be streaming from Tidal going forward. It shouldn't be a big issue. Also, there is a 192kHz limit, I think. But, again, Tidal HiFi and most of the rest of my collection is lossless or uncompressed CD quality rips.

    I also don't know how the remote apps (for iPhone, iPad and Mac) work with Roon, but the Roon Essentials versions are fantastic.

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