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Earsonics Birdy

  1. subguy812
    Birdy... 20180727_211746.jpg 20180727_233032.jpg
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  2. sly_in_the_sky

    Here’s my brief point of view about the new earsonic’s Birdy after several days of use.

    Design :

    First, I really have to say that I fin dit very well built, the main body is in aluminium, well assembled, very very light but at the same time, solid. The wire and the pins are very solids, the connection with the Iem is fit.

    I find the concept on how to wear it very original and enjoyable as you can see in the pictures, you have to wear it like a necklace around your neck and the terminal wire goes from behind your head to arrive at your ears. This kind of concept allows your ears not to have too many weight and you can wear them without any fatigue for long listening sessions. By moving the split behind your head, you can put the Birdy on your chest at the hight you prefer.

    20180727_144906.JPG 20180727_144859.JPG

    Fonctionality :

    The Birdy is very easy to use and very intuitive, the buttons are big enough to skip track, change volume, pause in blind mode and even under a t-shirt, you can manage using it without problems.

    Connection :

    The Birdy has the aptX HD. I have tried to use it with my Iphone (even if this reads only AAC), my Shanling M0 and my AK 70 MKII. As comparison, for sports, I also have the Jabra 65T that is known to have one oft he best connection for true wireless audio. The Birdy but also the Jabra manage a better connection without any cuts four ours with my Iphone, connection is near perfect, with any doubt. I think that because of the player, the connection with the shanling is less good with some interruptions every 2 or 3 songs when you put the player in your pocket or when you use at the same time, another player or phone (interferences). I really think that it’s most because of the player itself ant the transmissions quality than the Birdy because with my Iphone, as I said, the connection is almost perfect and very enjoyable even when the phone is in the pocket. The second best connectivity is with my AK 70 MKII and i have to say that the shanling has too many hicups… To compare, I also have the Plussound normal version that to me, has way more connections issues with all my players.

    Sound :

    Here’s the best part, and to go straight, I like the Birdy not only because you feel free like a bird... without wire connection to the player, I like it because the sound is just incredible. I use it with my earsonics ES3 and because of the Birdy, I really learnt to even love more this IEM. The sound is lively, immersive, dynamic, 3D, full of details and micro details. How did they manage to pack so much punch in such a tinny thing. To compare again, with my ES3, the Birdy is able to present music even better than my Ak 70 MK2 in balanced mode with Linum Bax cables… The only issue that I can notice is a very light hiss at the beginning and the end of the song but ES told me that it’s normal because the ES3 are really ensitive. This hiss disapears as soon as the musics beginns.


    It’s simple, I don’t use my AK anymore, on the go, it’s so easy just to grab your phone that has more capability in managing music interface (streaming services, Tidal, Qobuz) and let the rest of the job be done by the Birdy that work as a Dap and an amp, all in one… I obtain a better sound with my Wireless Birdy than my Ak 70 mk II wired.

    Merci beaucoup ES…

    IMG_2836.jpg IMG_2837.jpg IMG_2838.jpg IMG_2840.jpg IMG_2841.jpg IMG_2842.jpg IMG_2843.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2018
  3. sly_in_the_sky
  4. GJ2890
    Hi. Got mine a month ago. My impressions so far. I use it also exclusively with my ES3 :

    Delivery & unboxing :
    The Birdy HD comes in a tiny box marked with the Eearsonics logo (ES). The package is really minimalist but classy, like when you buy a jewelry. Earsonics says the box comes with "instruction for use". In fact, I found only a little card with a schema that indicates the main fonction of each buttons. I think a little more info at the opening could have been welcomed (especially concerning the charging process that can be confusing the first time !)

    Design & ergonomics :
    The module is really, really small & thin. I can wear it over or under a t-shirt, in the last case, it's almost invisible. It's also very lightweight. I like the design and the idea of wearing it like a collar. It's pretty ingenious and very portable. The cable/cord quality seems to be ok, even though one of the protection near the 2-pin connector slipped off along the cable (I was able to put it back though). I would have like maybe a longer cord length to manage to wear it without having to adjust the length every time I want to take if off.

    Sound :
    I'm fond of the ES sound, so I may not be objective, but this is by far the best point of the Birdy HD : i've never heard any bluetooth product sounding that good ! I've used this mainly with my Fiio M7 (that supports aptx HD) but also with my phone (that supports aptx). With the Birdy module, ES3 gives me all the sensations I have when it is wired : musicality, clarity, balanced sound with good bass. The Birdy doesn't alter the IEM sound at all. The product has been tought out to be used with Earsonics IEM and it works really great. In comparison I have a sennheiser momentum free IEM which sounds ok, but a little on the bassy side, with recessed trebles. ES3+ birdy is miles away in terms of SQ and much more balanced.
    The balance EQ out of the box really please me, so I've not really used the preset EQ of the Birdy, but they are well implemented : when I tried them, they change slighty the sound signature. It is subtle and refined, not crude.

    Bluetooth connection :
    If the sound is the best point of the Birdy HD, it is more problematic with bluetooth connection. Actually, the birdy seems to be really sensible to obstacles and this impacts the bluetooth stability. I've experienced a lot of brief disconnections, even when I was not more than 1 or 2 meters away from my source. I have the impression that the bluetooth signal comes straight away from the source to the birdy and that any obstacles between the two results in a possible loss of the signal. For comparison, my sennheiser free has never had this behavior, even when I'm 6-7 meters away, with many obstacles (but it's true that birdy requires a lot more power to work). If ES make a V2 of the Birdy, I think this is a point which can be improved. Howewer, once you get used to its sensibility and you get cautious with it, it remains a good product to really enjoy earsonics products wirelessly. It remains that is disappointing in regards of the price.

    So overall, the birdy is a really well tought product, with minimalist & inventive design and which delivers a very, very good bluetooth sound. The only real drawback I see is the bluetooth stability that could really be improved. I also find the price to be a bit high.
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  5. subguy812
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  6. sly_in_the_sky
    Very nice review, thank you...
  7. subguy812
    Thank you
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  8. alpha421
    Not sure if applies anymore with the whole 2pin size and/or polarity, but has anyone tested with non-Earsonic products?
  9. subguy812
    If you read my review you would see I tested with Empire Ears Legend X and the Custom Art Massdrop Edition
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  10. subguy812
  11. costas23
    I guess the 2-pin connection is too thick and doesn't fit iems with recessed sockets, right?
  12. subguy812
    I don't have any recessed sockets on my IEMs. Every 2-pin I have it fit fine
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  13. sly_in_the_sky
  14. GJ2890
    It is said in the review that "The Birdy has also had a firmware update which greatly reduces noise on the amp stage. Now it is still not noise-free with the likes of the Andromeda and the Hum Pristine IEMs but it is much quieter than the original firmware. "

    I'm surprised, I've searched on the ES website and I can't find anything about this update...
  15. subguy812
    I think you would have to contact them directly. to my knowledge there is no platform to update firmware online.
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