Earbuds mystery
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Oct 19, 2008
Well hello there,

This community went from my bookmarks to my delicious account to my regulars and now I feel it time to ask for your help. I switched to IEMs years ago (first Sony MDR-EX71, switched to Creative EP360 cuz they don't have crappy cables that start to come apart after four months of regular use) The Creatives break every 6 months or so and I decided to get some nice replacement IEMs while I was waiting for my new Creatives.

Enter the JVC HA-FX33 Marshmallows. I am pretty impressed with the price/quality ratio and I recommended them to my girl.

Now, after this tiresome intro: I get to the point.
The Marshmallow-earbuds, flexible as they are, didn't fit into my girl's small ears. Financially not a disaster, but it brings back a couple of questions:

-Where can you get separate IEM-earbuds for people with very big or small ears? I once bought a pack of separates on a US airport, but they were a standard size..
-How well can you exchange separate buds between different types of headphones?
-Is there a way of cutting down the buds I have right now to make them fit my girl's ears somehow?
-Does anyone know a place where you can buy smaller size earbuds for the JVC HA-FX33?

Any help would be mad appreciated.
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Mar 14, 2008
I know this is silly sounding (possibly) but are you rolling the foamies between your fingers to compress them before tring to insert them?

I know ClieOS is out to correct people but he is also very helpfull, click the link in his signature, various types of IEM tips. Do the measurements and see if any work. Looks like the UE silicone might?

I have some JVC foamies right here and the small size should be small enough for almost anyone, Just compress them and dont insert them deep. They will expand to seal. It can take some time to get used to them and get a good fit. It took me days of trying before I learned to get a nice seal.

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