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E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bearmonster, Sep 22, 2015.
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  1. decemberflower
    Thanks! Yeah I'm aware you can order on their site, it's just obviously more expensive.
  2. billqs
    They just dropped again today though it’s the nondetachable cord version.

    As fate would have it I just bought a used pair with detachable cables in Rosewood. Was there ever a consensus on possible replacement pads? Would TH610 or 900 pads be good, or would their wider opening be detrimental to the sound?
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  3. phthora
    There's some info about pad swaps here:

    You might have to follow up with those two Head-Fier's for more specifics.
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  4. billqs
    Thanks, phtora! I've owned a set of the THX00 Mahogany for awhile and I had exchanged the pads for the Dekoni Sheepskin with Attenuator Rings. I kept wondering why they sounded kind of muffled for lack of a better word and put the stock pads back on and got much better sound. The main reasons to try the pad change on the E-MU's would be for more comfort. I'm really getting a nice polished sound with great bass slam and mids and trebles that are not quite but almost the equal of my Focal Clear. Not bad for a phone 1/3 the retail price.
  5. tcellguy
    In use the Eikon pads with the dekoni attenuators. Sound is about the same as stock pads but way more comfortable.
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  6. texastodd
    I bought a pair used that came with some other pads. Don't remember which ones they were, they were attached when I first got them. Put them on immediately with the alternative pads and was pretty let down on the sound and the fit. I may be in the minority here but I put the stock pads on and there was definitely an improvement with sound and fit. YMMV I wear mine at work for hours on end with the stock pads with no discomfort and they don't really get hot. If I were to ever find an alternative, I would likely find some that had the same type of shape (inside and out) and fit and just be more comfortable.

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  7. funkle II
    Which covering for the Eikons do you like?
  8. tcellguy
    Protein leather
  9. funkle II
    Is the consensus that the Dekoni elite sheepskin negatively impact the sound?
  10. funkle II
    Actually it's the exact same price as Drop, and you'll have them much sooner. Plus, there's detachable cable option not available on the current Drop.

    "- E-MU Teak with fixed cable at US$400
    - E-MU Teak with detachable cable at US$500

    Delivery will be made within 7 working days upon payment received.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards
    E-MU Customer Support Team"
  11. phthora
    Even if you have no intention of swapping the cable, I think it's always wise to go with the detachable option. I haven't found these particular headphones to sound any different going balanced though.
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  12. funkle II
    Your package from E-MU Systems Pte Ltd is on its way. [​IMG]
    Thu 11/21/2019
    by 10:30am
  13. funkle II
    I just got my Teaks, and they are pretty much what I was hoping they would be. The ear cups mash my ears just a little, but they get hot & sweaty. I wonder if this small earhole volume is one of the contributors to their sound. Anything with a larger ear space will increase comfort, but increase the volume & probably change the tuning. I am tempted to try some pad rolling. I have a pair of Geekria protein leather pads I bought for my D2000s which I will try.

    Has anyone seen these pads from Accessory House? They look quite similar to the stock Teak pads, with the small earhole and low profile. But sheepskin.

    The other pads I am curious about are the ZMF Universal pads: ZMF's "flattest" most universally compatible pad. Just a touch flat, just a touch angled, not too thin and not too thick"

    Outer Dimensions: 4.25" Diamater (108mm)

    Ear cavity: 2.79 x 2.2 in (71 x 56 mm)

    Thick angled side: 1" (25mm) Thin Angled Side: .79" (20mm)
  14. billqs
    The earhole size is deliberate on the E-MU's and helps give them a cohesive sound. I tried the Dekoni Sheepskin pads and they were more comfortable but I didn't like what they did to the sound, kind of muffled-like so be careful in replacing.
  15. funkle II
    That's why I was thinking the Accessory House pads I linked might be a good candidate as the ear hole looks to be a similar volume to stock, compared with the aftermarket pads that have been suggested (ZMF Eikons & Brainwavz Round).

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