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Dunu Trident vs NuForce 700x on Cowon i9

  1. detailwun
    Hey guyz,
    this is my first post, i am tirer,so please excuse my non-logical order of ideas.
    I;ve been reading thousands of reviews before i registered as a member,and i can say i enetered a new world.I see you know a lot about sound and i was wondering if you could help me solve my dilemma.
    I'm buying my first in ear headphones.I own a cowon iaudio 9 and from what i have read,i really feel this dunu Trident IEMs,and i'd like to give em a try.But i also like Nuforce ne-700x's reviews and i am confused.I have read also about many other brands but this are the models i appreciate for design also and feel like i could love them.I recently bought my girlfriend a pair of creative ep- 630 as a gift,and they sound great on her ipod nano ( third gen i think ), but on my cowon i9 the bass lacks clarity , it's muddier and overwhelming.I love bass,don't get me wrong,but i think my cowon expands this atribute and take the low vibes to another level even with the equalizer set : -5 -5 1 5 6.On the ipod they sound better,clear,"punchier".I told you this because i am afraid to get the dunu trident because i read they're warm,have enough bass and i don't want to sound very bassfull/midfull on my cowon.On the other hand i'd like to buy this ones and to save some cash and get another cheaper pair like jvc MM / jvc air cushion / mee m6.If i'd get the Nuforces, i wouldn't have extra dough to spend on an extra pair i could use on my bike.
    I really need your expert help.I want to get some IEMs quick, i'm tired of reading reviews.
    I would like to know if i should mix the dunu trident with my cowon i9,i mostly listen to chillstep,dubstep,future garage,drum n bass and lots of hip hop.And what should be my second pair between the extremely comfy JVC's and the lovely reviewed M6.
    thanks you very much !
  2. detailwun
    bumpy !
  3. Andrerox
    The Nuforce sucks.the trident is much much better.i have both.disappointed buy with the nuforce.
  4. TheGame21x
    I have both and the NE-700x is technically superior to my ears, but not by much.
    The Trident is a very capable IEM and performs very well for its ~$40 price. You just have to weigh whether or not the the $25 premium for the 700x is worth it to you.

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