DROP + THX Panda Announcement
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yes the ear canal resonance is imo insufficient which is likely why some early impressions mention vshape and/or recessed mids.

This is disappointing because the present mids of the pm3 were one of its strengths especially relative to other planars. Although it may have been too forward for some, I would say drop has taken it too far the other way.

maybe not though, need to hear myself
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Really interesting response graph. So when I listened to them, they gave me the impression of really clear warm mids with maybe some sauce on the lower mids, extended and present but warm treble and fully extended but slightly laid back bass.

I think they’ll please a lot of people. What really struck me was the coherence. I remember thinking “clean clean clean; that is clean.”

I wonder if that comes from the phase advantages of this design.
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I hope it EQs well to have a funner sound. Looks great as is either way.
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Well done overview.
Looking forward to some comparisons. :)
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So sad they're not shipping to Europe anymore. :frowning2:

Is there any chance to get them here?
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The order form is up above. If you set a non US address, the website apologizes.
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Where did you see that? I swear I heard someone ask that question during the listening party and they got a resounding yes
We'll see it soon, i guess. :wink:
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But I can't find it lol.

Maybe it's limited to US customers ATM?

This round of preorders, for units under SN1000, is only accessible for DROP members that requested Panda during the development process.

Panda ships to the EU, but if you didn't request Panda on DROP, you'll need to buy when we open the Indiegogo campaign on Monday.

Appreciate your interest in the product and attempts to order today

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