Dragonfly Red low volume issue

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dj the rocket, Aug 6, 2016.
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  1. Pindi
    Apologies for bumping a 6 month old thread but has anyone managed to get around this issue (aside from the BenKatz method)?

    I'm getting a Pixel 2 XL in the next couple of days and as that's usb audio only (wireless aside), I'm hoping this may be fixed but was wondering if anyone had any updates? Any luck with any phones?

  2. Pindi
    In case anyone is interested, the pixel 2 XL suffers from the same issue.

    I guess audioquest only fixed it for very select handsets
  3. Bazirker
    I have the same problem on my Pixel 2. Volume is sufficient with my 12 ohm CIEM's, but a complete joke with my HD 650's.
  4. jessnie
    same problem here, annoying
  5. Grimbles
    I had this issue with my black 1.2. Using usb audio player pro i changed the volume control from software to hardware. That enabled me to set output (s6 edge plus and s8) for media on android up to max, then inside usb audio player pro control hardware volume of the dragonfly using the rocker switches.

    It also seems on the 1.2 that hardware volume gets locked at last output, so i was always cardful when i had been line outing on my pc to surn it down before plugging earphones back in. Does thia help?
  6. Pindi
    thanks Grimbles. I've come across UAPP workarounds before but I'm wary of accidentally maxing the volume one time and blowing my eardrums out. I just wish it'd work by itself. It's crazy that Google would remove this from Android
  7. Bazirker
    Just updated my Pixel 2 to 8.1, and although I was hoping it would help my Red be able to drive my HD6XX, no such luck. :frowning2:
  8. Grimbles
    Afaik there isn't a native way to control dragonfly volume in android. I just used uapp to do it, but i think hiby music player has a hardware volume control option. Not sure of the risk of blowing out your own ears as both of these apps can fire up automatically when you plug the device in and you can check the volume v quickly before plugging in your headphones.
  9. Twanger49
    From post #5:
    Dragonfly Red features a 64 step digital volume control. When installed on a mobile device, Dragonfly defaults to a volume setting of 22 (the 22nd step out of 64). This is to ensure that no damage can be done to your equipment or to your hearing. However some Android devices mistakenly “read” step 22 as the maximum volume instead of the default volume setting, hence the low output. This is a function of the OS, not the Dragonfly.

    Seems to me that Audioquest could have just set the default volume to 64 instead of 22. Problem solved.........is Audioquest "protecting" our hearing, or is it that the boot-up default 22 enumeration cannot be reprogrammed and all Dragonfly Reds are forever stuck at 22 and Audioquest won't admit their failing.
  10. Blueshound24

    I am considering getting the DF Red for my Galaxy S7 edge. Does anyone know if this affects the S7 or can you get full volume with it?
  11. Pindi
    It's an easy fix for audioquest to set the default to maximum, they've known about this issue for ages, it's even in the physical manual.

    I believe it just audioquest not wanting to take the risk as full volume would shaft your ears like nobody's business.
  12. johncolton
    I tested my Pixel 2 (fully updated) with a new DragonFly Red and DragonFly Black today. I played audio from Spotify and a few other apps, but didn't try Tidal or USB Audio Player PRO.
    Red was way too low and basically unusable. The volume control worked, but at "max" volume from the Android, the output was too low.
    Black worked perfectly fine, so I bought it. I'm pretty happy as they sound great with my W30s.

    I updated the Black firmware and installed USB Audio Player PRO. No hardware audio controls were available. Bottom line for me: DragonFly Red doesn't work with Pixel 2 but Black does.
  13. Twanger49
    I know that the Red works with Usb-AudioPlayer-Pro and the Neutron player but not with Poweramp or any others I've tried and definitely not with Youtube, Netflix etc.
  14. Blueshound24
    Sorry, I'm not up on this much, but does Usb-AudioPlayer-Pro work with stock Android without rooting?
    And, if DF Red does not work with Youtube or Netflix, I guess it would not work with Pandora or Spotify either?
  15. Grimbles

    i used to have the df 1.2. I found that if i changed the hardware volume in usb audio player pro then launched my other apps, they would then software volume control up to the max hardware volume i had set in usb audio player pro. This was an effective workaround for me. Not sure this is valid with the black/red as i dont have either.
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