Dragonfly Red low volume issue

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dj the rocket, Aug 6, 2016.
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  1. psikey
    I just had an answer from him.  Have good news on the DFR (and DFB). I asked Audioquest a few questions and just had reply below:
    Dear Andrew,
    The software update, which will be available to download for free via the Desktop Manager app on our website: http://www.audioquest.com/dragonfly-series/#downloads will be available in a week or so.  This will update both the volume issue and MQA.  If you registered your Dragonfly, you will receive an email when it's available.
    Please note: you will need to use a suitable media player, such as Tidal or Audirvana Plus, to play MQA files.  This is because MQA requires a decoder and a renderer to play a file.  The renderer is built into the Dragonfly and the decoder is built into the media player's software.  Once updated, your Dragonfly will glow a beautiful shade of blue to let you know you're playing an MQA file.  MQA files are played in the same resolution as they were recorded in.
    Best regards,
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  2. Hitcher
    "A week or so" my ass... Its now Feb/ 13/ 2017 sooooo that is more than a week???.  Didn't think it would come out in a week. Guess I have to return this DFR turd.
  3. nirudhap
    Yeah just vaporware it seems.Sigh, was hopeful.
  4. psikey
    Yes, obviously told a pack of lies. Mines gone back to Amazon within return window.

    Sich a pitty as its a nice device otherwise.

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  5. 6a6uH BHyK
    I own Red and Black at this moment, use them connected to the MacBook via JitterBug, source - iTunes. Seems I have a similar problem - when using Red with my NightHawks, I put macOS sound level at 5th "level/mark" of system volume. Simultaneously connected Black produce same volume level right at 1.5th mark. Could You please tell, it is the same issue? Have anyone experiences similar? Maybe one of my Black or Red is defective? [​IMG]
  6. fuzzybabybunny
    Geez, still no update on this from AQ?
  7. ibzmav
    Any update regarding the volume issue?
  8. pkcpga

    Still no update, I wouldn't hold my breath at this point, the next dragon fly will probably be released first with those issues and mqa corrected.
  9. sattej
    Thought I would add my experiences as an update to this post. I emailed AQ yesterday asking about updates as I recently purchased a Dragonfly Red and discovered this pervasive volume issue, here's what their customer support had to say:
    Hi Jeffrey,
    Unfortunately we do not have any timeframe for this at the moment.  We are working as hard as possible on the firmware.   But at the moment we are going through the certification process with Microsoft/Apple.  The time for that process to be completed is not clear right now.
    Alex Mejia – Customer Technical Support
  10. Quarter27
    Got this response to my query about a timeline for the update.

    The volume update will be available to download via our Desktop Manager, which should be available very soon, hopefully in the next few days.

    Best regards
    Alasdair Patrick
    2621 White Road

    I returned mine. Will wait for the update before I rebuy or spend my money somewhere else.
  11. BenKatz
    Here s a bump on this thread.

    Was actually planning on getting the Dragonfly RED to use exclusively mobile with my Xperia XZ, but good thing I came across this threas.

    Did Audioquest come up with the aforementioned volume issue fix yet?
  12. Whippler
    For me the problem with Dragonfly RED is the volumes too high, @psikey how are you able to use DF RED with se846? Using it with windows the usable volume range is 1-4% out of 100% and then it starts to become deafening. Same with some fairly easy to drive headphones (AKG K550 and Focal Utopia). In addition to that there is a slight hiss with se846 on DF RED. I have ended up using se846 directly out of LG V10. Chord Mojo adds too much bulk, while DF RED is just loud, and doesn't sound as good. When the poly streamer comes i'll probably move over to that since then mojo doesn't have to be stacked with my phone anymore.

    Using DF RED out of a android phone (LG V10) i can hear a drop in sound quality, probably related to this so called low volume issue, still with the se846, the usable volume range is around the ~4% mark. With the mentioned headphones the volume difference is more clear when i have to go as high as 20-25% (Neutron music player app), compared to ~6% on windows.

    To get usable volume range out of the DF RED i'd have to do about -10 to -20dB digital volume reduction on foobar before the DF vol. control trough windows. Ques this little stick is meant to drive 300+Ohm cans.

    I had a look at the AQ site and there is still no software download for updating the firmware on DF RED. still reads "coming soon" and it has been 2 and a half months since @psikey got the mail from AQ about the update.

    I meant to write here earlier when i got the DF RED, just bough it out of interest since there was a good deal on a slightly used one. I'v been previously using the original dragonfly with AKG K550.
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  13. sattej
    All -

    I checked the AudioQuest site today and noticed that the download for AQ Dragonfly Desktop Manager is now live. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I thought I would notify everyone--it looks like it posted today, actually.


    * Edit 5/21 --
    I downloaded and installed the AQ Device Manager, and used it to upgrade firmware (from 1.03 initially to 1.06, current version). Regrettably, this does not appear to have had any influence on the low volume issue on my Android OS Galaxy S7 (I am trying to run Plex application, as everyone else reports, this is not a problem with UAPP). Looking more carefully at their description of firmware updates, it seems that v1.03 was supposed to have addressed the Android volume issue on "some" devices. So my device which I purchased in March probably shipped with v1.03 and I guess that firmware did not address my S7 nor does the recent v1.06 make any improvement. So... yeah.. :\ .

    I did generate a followup email to AQ customer support asking about other devices or potential future FW updates and I will post here if I hear anything back. Sorry only bad news this time.
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  14. sattej
    This is the response I got from AQ regarding current status of Android volume issue. Essentially, if the FW 1.03 didn't fix your volume issue, you are screwed by device manufacturer and there is no workaround:

    Hi Jeff,

    Unfortunately that is the only update/fix we have at this time. If the Android device does not fully support and adheres strictly to the Android USB Host/Audio spec. It sometimes may not be 100% compatible with certain DAC’s including ours. We have offered a fix with the Android update but it will not work for all Android devices. If the update does not work then unfortunately and ultimately any fix, will fall on the manufacturer of the device.


  15. zolom
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