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Does there exist like a dedicated earphone earmuff?

  1. karmypolitics
    Basically, for use while exercising or on the go. I have my IEM's fall out a lot on me. 
    Think it's a good idea? Like, if there were one that managed to keep earphones in without compressing your ears too hard or making them too hot.
  2. Mad Max
    Have you looked into sports earphones?  They're just what you want.  There are various models from a variety of manufacturers.
  3. karmypolitics
    Yes, I have. 
    Well, for starters...it's just something that I don't remember. I mean, music while exercising is a small part...
    But also the few that I have tried weren't very good. Like, people recommend the Koss KSC 75 for exercise.
    I've used them in exercise. THey're terrible. While you're running, they flop back and forth on your ears. 

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