Does anybody think you're insane for spending so much on headphones? (and the opposite)
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but then they ask you to build one...

I've mostly been vague about prices, and my friends/GF don't know half of what I've got anyway. I mostly go to friends so they only actually see the esw10's and while they think it's expensive, they see it looks/sounds good.
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my family thought I was nuts but now my little brother has a pair of grados and my dad uses ESW9s
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I usually tell the truth,and they actually think that i'm crazy for spending so much in this hobby.
But then i give them some examples:
A fiat punto is not the same as a bmw and a bmw is not the same as a ferrari.
All watches are not the same(a seiko is not the same as a rolex)
All clothes are not the same(a good quality leather jacket is not the same as one cheaper,of not so good quality)
and many more similar examples so in the end they understand(most of them anyway)
But to tell the truth i don't think that all the expensive things are so good as their price may suggest(that goes not only for audio but for every product)You must be careful with what you buy.
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yup, most of my friends im crazy.. spending $200 on audio.. Im only 16 though.

Some people spend $200 on a jacket, i spend it on audio.
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everyone in my faimly tolerates it except my sister. She thinks it's a total waste of money, and even stole my money before I was going to buy something new. (I got it back.)
But my uncle's a total hifi lover, and he's got a good job to support it. He has a system that runs around the avalon isis giant speaker things, and I've never heard something so good in my life. And that's why my family tolerates it.
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"What?! Another one?! How much this time?" - My friends.

My family could care less about how I spend my money. My friends, on the other hand, understands the concept but thinks I'm nuts buying so many pairs (the HF2 makes 7th) of sub-$200 headphones, excluding the HF2. I think they're getting used to it now. Haha..

My dad enjoys quality audio, 'though he knows nothing (he thinks Bose is good). He doesn't usually say much about my headphone purchases because he gets to "borrow" them.
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Actually my mom though i was crazy as I didnt want to buy some dollar store headphones instead., When I told her it was for the SQ . she repiled who cares get something from the dollar store instead.

Then my dad somewhat thinks I crazy but it didnt bother him as much as it did my mom. Then my neprew likes my headphones and my sound setup but I know he thinks I am crazy to be spending this much. As he get on me with the upgrading the upgrade line.

But then my dad own more then one car, like 3 a truck a car and a van. and generally trades one in for something esle. Then my bro buys over price rims for his truck and they think i'm crazy.
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ya indeed people just get shock when they know that we spend so much on audio setup. But they also impressed by the SQ when they heard it at first times then they'll said 'wow not bad' but till the end they still think I a bit crazy.
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Most people won't spend more than $30 for a pair of earphones that I've talked to.

And one of my favorite comments is when they see my little headphone amp on the back of my ipod and I tell them what it is and they say something like, "You're gonna blow out your ears!"

People's gross misunderstanding of how audio equipment works, and I'm technically an idiot when it comes to that stuff still!
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Yeah everyone thinks I am crazy except for my few audio buddies who can actually appricate some of my audio stuff. I actually had a home theater battle with one of my friends where we kept on trying to top each outhers sound system, I am currently winning.

I even got some of my friends to buy higher quality headphones and what not because they enjoyed mine. None of them went any ferther than 150 dollars but it is defiantly a start.

My parents stopped really caring after I got my Grados because they realized they cant stop me when I have my own source of income and a credit card. People who don't apprecate it just give me this weird look until I tell them to listen to them and they are amazed. They are amazed, they just wont pay that much which is understandable.

The quote of the day is "Why would you ever pay 300 dollars for screwing headphones?!?"
And thats not even alot compared to some of you guys on here hahah.. I would if I could...
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I know Mike at Tritium Audio likes a lot of my headphones, but he says my headphone set-up needs Tri-Phazers.. lol. Yeah I don't think so. I did how ever get a power conditioner from him.
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Originally Posted by Zombie_X /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Just like the title says, does anybody think you're crazy for dumping some much money on headphones?

Who knows? Who cares? I say, don't ask, don't tell.
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Originally Posted by krmathis /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Not insane, but some may thing I am a bit crazy.
But then again they should keep their mouth shut, cause they tent to spend more on cars or like.

EXACTLY, I mean to each his own, but seriously cars are the ultimate money sink. I may pour decent amounts of money into my computer setup (and probably headphone stuffs now, DAMMIT HEAD-FI!!) but in relitive terms it's a few $1000's MAX. With cars the sky is literally the limit, so I like to think I have a reasonable hobby going here.

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