DIY Record Player Restoration and modification thread.
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Feb 16, 2015
I picked up an old Symphonic brand record player about a month back. Initially I wanted it to play some records and generally indulge in owning a record player again. I had an old telefunken unit as well as an older fisher. All of which ended up in the trash. I wish I had saved the telefunken.
When I bought the record player I bought it non functional. It has a BSR Monarch UA8 table and a mono cartridge. It is all original as far as I can tell. The changer in it was produced between 1956-1958. It has a line voltage tube amp that is 95% functional with a bit of a hum when warming up. 
I am going to break this thread out into multiple sections.
This is the first section. Entitled restoring functionality. 
The record player had rock hard grease that prevented speed changes as well as engagement of the wheels. This is what I did about it. 
Next up I am planing on removing the original amplifier and cartridge and replacing it with an Audio Technica AT3600 cartridge and probably a pyle phono preamp and a tube amp filter and probably dual 5w folded horn speakers. All this into a small sewing machine cabinet. 
I am trying to keep my total cost down. I know this goes against the grain but I am trying to be a cheap audiofile..... Or just enjoy building my stuff and enjoy listening to 60 year old records. 
Any thoughts?

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