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DIY Planar magnetic heapdhones in details

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  1. rikk009
    Very inspiring...learning a lot from you
  2. rgonzale
    I just built a pair of planar-magnetic headphones by stealing the already-built elements from some Monsoon computer speakers:

    But your project is much more ambitious and technically challenging, since you've built both the headband and the drivers yourself!

    One major problem I encountered with the Monsoon elements was driver matching -- the resonant frequency varies over an octave from sample to sample. I was curious whether you have a similar problem and how you "tune" the low frequency resonance? Do you adjust the tension by hand?
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  3. Garuspik
    To be sure that tension is equal I use glass and water. Make glass a wet, then put a film on it and remove air under the film with a help of... credit card. I suggest visa gold :D
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  4. Garuspik
    A close look to internal parts of driver and damping
    IMG_2669.JPG IMG_2670.JPG
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  5. GREQ
    Are you using some kind of craft felt for damping, or have you again cooked up something special?
    The vintage-planar modder in me can't resist asking.
  6. Garuspik
    This is a medium density 2mm natural felt. Be sure to buy natural wool felt, not polyester one. Marvelous results!
    Beleive me, I've tried many materials :wink:
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  7. GREQ
    Agreed. I've had some of the best results from natural thermal filliing material.
    Head-fier 'nickn' showed me the wonders of 'arctic cotton' and 'arctic bamboo', although they go under other names around the world, but are essentially sheets of natural thermal stuffing for winter clothes.

    Have you ever tried a material called 'thermolam'? It's a synthetic, heat-resistant filling used mainly for the soft, spongey layer under ironing board covers or cheap winter clothes.
    I've found this to also produce some excellent results for extremely tiny amounts of money. It's also a lot more homegenous in it's 'weave' than the natural 'arctic' fillings so it's easier to work with.
  8. WallofHooligans
    I've got an eye on this thread, cause I'm very interested in the process you've used to create such a fabulous planar. Myself, I would like to take the DIY nature to the end of the earth- I want to create something special for very low cost.
  9. Pradeep Varma
    I have Hifiman Edition X version 2 headphone, its left channel stops working, the service centre company not cooperative to solve this issue. Can you please suggest me if you can provide me diaphragm for this headphone as I have checked other parts are working well.
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  10. WallofHooligans
    You're definitely in the wrong thread... My suggestion to you is to tweet your specific problem to the hifiman twitter, or look for a thread specifically addressing hifiman gear.
  11. Pradeep Varma
    Thanks for suggestion :)
  12. CoffeeCutie
    Well, I did end up getting a box of pyralux kapton LF :) :) Your photos speak volumes, thanks for continuing to share! -Jess
  13. 100VoltTube
    If the problem is a broken trace on the diaphragm, you're kind of OL (out of luck) if hifiman won't replace it for you. Have you checked the wires leading from the input jack to the diaphragm?
  14. Garuspik
    Thanks guys. Don't forget about this thread! Final headphones will be ready soon.
    Frankly speaking they are ready for about 2 month. But I spent this time to get rid from excessive weight.
  15. GREQ
    If "excessive weight" includes surplus headphones, many will be happy to help you with that problem I'm sure.
    Definitely one of the more exciting threads around here.
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