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DIY Planar magnetic heapdhones in details

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  1. Whitigir
    Damn! Nice ! How about a silver trace instead of copper ?
  2. Garuspik
    I want to achieve quality, durability and good power handling. That's why I've chosen copper. By the way, here is few new photos:
    1XIppVtCcKQ.jpg 6CesPRdHXpg.jpg cE0pwYwDsyU.jpg

    Please note! That's still a prototype. Some parts aren't painted yet, big gaps, randow screws I've found in my workshop, no grills are installed etc.
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  3. chinsettawong
    How heavy do they weigh?
  4. Garuspik
    490 grams. Steel heaband made from 0.7mm hardened steel. It looks heavy, but this part weights only about 45 grams. Total weight of magnets is 185 grams. 14 pcs of long bar magnet in each cup.
  5. coinmaster
    Damn, you must teach me your ways, that's some good quality DIY.
  6. Garuspik
    That's a long-term project which I hope should grow into a serial product.
  7. coinmaster
    Good on you man. I'd totally help you out in your endeavor if you didn't live so far away. I too am spending enourmous amounts of time developing designs on the amplifier end of things that I intend to convert into products. After years of R&D I'm pretty satisfied with the superiority of my amplifier designs. Maybe I can hook you up with some sweet complementary amps for your headphones if we both go pro.
    I'm soon going to start experimenting with headphones as well, I'm awed by the quality of what you can do with your machines.
    How does your headphones compare to something like the HD800?
  8. Garuspik
    Frankly speaking I don't like to speak about the sound of my headphones. I prefer other people to do that job :wink: But I'm proud what I've achieved.
  9. coinmaster
    Well then you need to get some "other people" to let us know. :smile_phones:
  10. cskippy
    I am definitely down for a loaner/review unit. Let us know if/when this happens. I'm very impressed with your work!
  11. mitchell2001
    looks like me and hifiman came to the same conclusion except they used a "D" like structure to give maximum surface area.[​IMG]
  12. rellik
    Wow those grilles on that CF set look like they came from a recast R129 mercedes front grille. That should be just, hmm, something interesting. The question is if that car went completly "The Night Flier collab Phantoms" or if it was still doing its "Escape from LA" style.

    I wonder what part of a land cruiser would make good grille material...btw thx
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
  13. MuZo2
    Kennerton Audio implemented semi circular bar magnets 2 years back in their planar headphones, so what Hifiman did is not something new.
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  14. rellik
    Kennerton, gotta love the name, You know like Kennerton, I think it was a Cereal wayy back when. You remember eh? When they used to Milk the cow's :wink:

    Besides the point, electrostat mics and drivers have been around well before the year 1776. That sadly means no patents lawers or pre-lawers.
  15. windcar
    May I know where I can buy these headphone shell?
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