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DIY molded earphones review.

  1. Tripzter
    Last year i saw a kid wear a pair at the gym.  Yup i was a bit confused at the headphones since they looked a bit goofy. 
    Since then i looked up how to make a pair and soon after i was rockin' my own pair of molded earphones.
    I've gotten lots of confused faces asking why am i wearing these things.  I have since then come up with few very short answers that seems to answer it all. 
      You know the earphones with the rubber tips?  Do you know when you get them set perfect how good they sound?  With the custom molds they sound like that ALL the time.  Next, they do not fall out no matter what you're doing.  At last they are so comfortable that you forget you're wearing them since they are molded off your ear.  If thats not enough then to top it off you cannot hear anything else when you're listening to your music.   
    Pic of my pair here.
    The buds i'm using are Creative 630.
    No need to rip off the guide.  It's right here.  http://www.howtogeek.com/57481/how-to-make-custom-silicone-ear-molds-for-your-in-ear-monitors/

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