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i'm happy to help as i'm in the crunch time for my MS thesis also so i know what it's like ^_^

edit: as above, very skewed to UK, especially questions at end. needs a bit more guidance about which questions to continue answering if taking the "no" track.
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I just did it. It is definitely UK focused, but I did OK for a Yank. When going from the 1 is least, 5 is most choices to 5 being never, 1 being always, it seems to be sort of a reversal of logic. You might get exactly the opposite of what some folks intend, if they don't read the instructions for each question. Good luck on your matriculation!!!
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ok guys, well thanks to all of you who have spent time and effort filling this out, i really appreciate it.

I will be drawing emails out of hats on monday!

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