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Disco And Nu-Disco

Discussion in 'Music' started by dischorddubstep, Jun 26, 2014.
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  1. DisCHORDDubstep
    I recently got into Nu-Disco, and liked a lot of Disco beforehand, so I created a thread devoted to it. Also you can post anything else that makes you want to go buy some shag carpet and put it in your car and house. :D Now... Post music my friends!
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  2. Mitchell4500

  3. limpidglitch
    Space/Italo Disco. Two old…

    …and two new.

  4. DisCHORDDubstep
    Loving these tracks! Thanks!
  5. Niteblooded
  6. ADUHF
    Not sure what nu-disco is, so maybe I'll learn somethin nu here. :) These are a couple classics of the disco era though by MJ & The Jacksons...

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  7. ADUHF
    Watch volume on this after the last track.

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  8. ADUHF
    More old school vibes by Shalamar.

    SQ is not the best on this. But an EQ can definitely help sometimes with old disco and R&B tunes like these. I find it an indispensable tool with my not so stellar-sounding AKG K553's.

    Currently, I'm using a compact analog mixer with three controls for LOW (80-100 Hz), MID (2.5 kHz), and HIGH (10-12 kHz) frequencies. And likin it alot. It also helps with the L/R balance.

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  9. ADUHF
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  10. ADUHF
    Sir Rod!

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  11. ADUHF
  12. ADUHF
  13. ADUHF
  14. ADUHF
  15. ADUHF
    Audio version of "Shake Your Body"...

    Happy Cinco de Mayo btw!
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