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Digital Optical audio cables.

  1. Chris Haigh
    I'm trying to buy an optical audio cable to carry a digital audio signal from my up-coming sound card to my external DAC.
    I am a little unsure as to wheather I am looking at the correct cables, however I think I must be. When I look at the cable end, and then look at the hole it has to fit into, I am a little doubtful.
    Here is the cable I am currently looking at.
    EDIT: with some research, and a closer look. I think it'll fit, I'll leave my question up though, incase I'm wrong. Also still puzzled about my question below.
    Also, not important, just something I've been asking myself. Isn't this interface supposed to use light, not electricity. This is kind of mind blowing and super space age to my ears, so maybe I just don't understand. but here's my question.
    Most cables are gold lined/coated to improve electrical conductivity and stop them from rusting. if this cable is going to be using light, why would it be covered in gold?
  2. scootermafia
    Companies will gold plate the ends of cables, even parts that aren't part of the signal path.  The gold is just for appearance and to prevent the unlikely possibility of the end shell material from oxidizing.  
    There's only two kinds of hole for optical.  Mini optical, which looks exactly like a headphone jack, or regular Toslink optical which looks like a square.

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