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Jun 27, 2002
jus placed my order through digi-key to build my first cmoy amp, very excited. however when i placed my order, next to the shipping the cost was unknown. i was jus wonderin if they would tell me what the shipping cost would be later or if they made a mistake. oh well, i already put the order through so it doesnt really matter but i would jus like to know what they are charging me. thanx
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had the same thing happen to me. you can call them and give them your e-mail address and they will send you all the shipping details, etc. my ship charges came to about $4.85 for a META42 parts list.
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Yeah, they don't tell you shipping before you complete the order. But the charge is always very reasonable, and their shipping time is great. You'll probably get your parts within a couple days.

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Just make sure you hit the minimum order, or you'll get hit with a handling charge on top of shipping. I think the minimum order to avoid the charge is $25.
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For what it's worth, Mouser and Allied also don't give a shipping price ahead of time. I'm not sure that Newark does, either. However, all of these companies have reasonable shipping prices and policies. Don't sweat it. Whatever they charge you will be reasonable.
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Digikey has probably the best shipping of any company I ever ordered with, not just in components supply business but in any business. A fairly large size box is shipped for $8 Canadian, or as ninoe99 said US$4.8, and as long as you order reasonably early in day (any time in the morning and probably even early afternoon is fine), you'll get the package the next morning.
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I was very impressed with their online ordering system (just ordered parts for the Cmoy based on Tangent's list). I was also impressed that within a hour after ordering I received an email saying my order had been processed and was ready for shipping. I selected 2 day Fedex and it was a little over $9.

- Peter
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It seems then that - for a change, finally! - we Canadians get a better deal on shipping from Digikey - Purolator ships basically overnight - the guy is at my door at 8:45 am so I don't have to miss work or go later to pick it up myself - and so the shipping time is something like 16 hours or even less
. All for about $5 US.
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Location counts for a lot. DigiKey is in Minnesota, so much of Canada is closer to them than many parts of the US. I get similar shipping speeds from Mouser that you Canadians get from DigiKey because Mouser has a warehouse in Texas and I'm in New Mexico.
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I get digikey packages in two days in SC, FWIW. Very reasonable costs too.
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I think it might be more of a choice of courier. Minnesota is after all not on my side of the continent. My shipping does not claim to be overnight, it just happens to be so. Actually, I don't think it was that fast year or two ago, only recently. Digikey keeps improving all the time.

FedEx probably doesn't deliver 2nd day packages overnight on purpose, even if the package could arrive, as it wouldn't make sense to charge more for overnight service.

There is one potential problem with Digikey though - have you noticed how more and more parts are "non-stock"? They only list them to tempt us, you'd have to order minimum quantity which is usually as bad as any distributor (1000 or more pieces) and very long lead times.
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Originally posted by puppyslugg
Somebody call Immigration!!

LOL! I forgot to mention legally

BTW, I ordered from Digikey at 7:30 PM EST last night and I selected 2 day fedex. I tracked the package about 2 minutes ago and it is already in New Hampshire so I should be getting it this morning. Is that great or what? I will have something to destroy this weekend after all

- Peter

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