did i make the right choice? i hope i did...let me know and what you think
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Jan 12, 2013
i listen to a lot of different music from all ranges, but mainly listen to edm (trance and house mainly) and all kinds of rock music. some hip hop here and there..
im somewhat still new to headphones and i want one i can use at home and on the go with great music. i like my highs and mid to be clear, clean, and good. my bass, i like it tight and loud but im not a basshead like some people who just want bass BLARING OUT LOUD like my friends who like beats studios and beats pro...bleh...
my friend all said join the crowd and get beats studios and beats pro. i told them they suck, but i give respect where do, they are good but NOT amazing like hipster make them out to be.
so i came down to two choices, either the akg k550 or the new akg k545. i was looking at others like the akg q701 and i like open ear for the sound stage but they say the bass is really lacking on them. i hear a lot about the akg k550, and mix reviews for closed cans, but they said they have good everything and good all around. good highs, mids, and lows, but they are HUGE which kinda turn me off for travel but perfect for home use. then they finally announced the akg k545, which is basically the portable version somewhat, still big imo, but smaller. they also said the akg k545 has better low for bass and the highs and mid are almost identical. i did a lot of research on here on people reviews on them and decided to pull the trigger on the akg k545. 
they are going for 302 at amazon and 249.98 at best buy. since i work at best buy, i got them at a deal for 126.01. CANT BEAT THAT SORRY which is partially why i pulled the trigger. also the reviews of the akg k545 over the akg k550.
i know sound is subjective to everyone ears and i wanted to test them out. unfortunately, i dont have any friends or family that own these headphones and the display at the store dont have them either, did have the akg k550 but the demo was broken, damn huh? so i was out of luck...
so all in all...DID I MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE? i can still return these, if needed if i didnt make the right choice. please help me out and thanks for the help and feedback!!!
ps....also do these need an amp to make them truly come alive?? or can i use them without an amp? which i hope since imma use them to travel to school and easy home use.

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