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Did A & E blow it or are they playing the passions for ratings in canning Phil Robertson?

  1. Happy Camper
    I think this was a coy move by them to stir the ratings. Or did they lose their top rated show? Duck Dynasty sure has a following. I personally don't get the show but there are a lot that do.
  2. billybob_jcv
    You can take a redneck out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the redneck.
  3. Currawong Contributor
    If they'd had sense, they would have just said that his views are his own and they don't endorse them, but respect his freedoms. 
    It has certainly made for some drama though.
    (Before it becomes a problem in this thread I want to remind everyone that discussion of religion and politics isn't permitted on the forums)
  4. Happy Camper
    Perhaps this is not a topic to be discussed here for the restrictions of the site. Best to lock it up. My mistake for thinking to discuss this with the open minded.
  5. Hi-Finthen
    Suppose GQ rag readers need to know what the camo wearing crowd believes about what they can't understand .
    Hunters just don't strike me as being at all emphatic , nor caring , nor kind .
    Though, I believe they aren't even true believers nor really rednecks as such, but sensational actors .
    Good act ! lol   
  6. billybob_jcv
    I think absolutely EVERYTHING about current TV is a completely fabricated story. It's just WWE & Jerry Springer by another name. South Park is more real than any of the so-called "reality" shows. I have no doubt Phil will be paid to be "outraged" at his treatment by the network. However, with that said, I do think it is interesting that it was OK to make fun of the rednecks, but it's not OK when the rednecks make fun of other people.
  7. linglingjr
    Couldn't agree more.  The only times I watch TV are for Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Olympics/Professional sports.  
    I've seen this guy posted everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  Really is kind of a shame that I have to see it on here too.  
  8. Hi-Finthen
    DECEMBER 19, 2013




    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia lashed out at the cable network A&E today, calling its decision to suspend Phil Robertson, the star of the TV series “Duck Dynasty,” unconstitutional, and demanding that it be overturned at once.
    Speaking at a press conference with fellow Justice Clarence Thomas, a visibly angry Scalia told reporters that Robertson was “exercising his First Amendment right to express an opinion—an opinion, I might add, that many other great Americans agree with.”
    He warned that the suspension of the “Duck” star would have a “chilling effect” on freedom of speech in America: “If Phil Robertson can be muzzled for expressing this perfectly legitimate view, what’s to prevent the same thing from happening to, say, a Justice of the Supreme Court?”

    He added that, while he was a huge “Duck Dynasty” fan who never misses an episode, his objection to Mr. Robertson’s suspension was “purely on Constitutional grounds.”
    Declaring that A&E’s decision “will not stand,” Justice Scalia said he would ask the Supreme Court to meet in an emergency session to overturn it: “This offensive decision by A&E is a clear violation of the Constitution, and I’m not the only one on the Court who feels that way. Right, Clarence?”
    Justice Thomas had no comment.

  9. Happy Camper
    It's refreshing to see a court side with the public against a business for a change. Thanks for sharing.

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