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Detroit Metro Meet?

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  1. aboxman
    I'm in and could even possibly host. The condo association that I live in has a clubhouse that can be rented for very reasonable rates. It is located in Northville.

    I went to the E. Lansing/MSU one last spring, and am looking forward to another meet.

    If anyone can get Jude involved that would be great.

  2. hikaritenchi
    It seems like there's some interest in this...It's already October, but I'm interested in participating no matter when it is.
    I might be able to pull some strings to hold a meetup at the University of Michigan (depending on interest), if that's a location that would work for people.
  3. Audio Guy
    I am in extreme SE Michigan and would be very interested if a date comes together..
  4. shrimants
    Im in. Subbed.

    Got AMB Gamma 2 full++, O2, hd650, fiio x3, ath-m50. And i have speakers but id rather not bring them unless everyone is interested. BW685's, klipsch RW12d, pioneer FS52, pioneer C22, powered with a marantz sr6007.
  5. FunyunBreath
    Subscribed :) 
    I'm only an hour south in Toledo so I'd definitely be interested in bringing some gear and meeting people.
  6. Herky151
    I would love to come. I have missed the past 3 meets because I haven't been home. Im at school right now, but will be home for six weeks for winter break.
  7. Rinx7
    Is this still gonna happen? I really want this to happen.
  8. randy98mtu
    Someone just has to grab this and run with it.  Pick a date and a place and see who can make it!  Sorry that person can't be me.  I'm a complete rookie and with my 4th child under 5 due in February, I have little to no free time.
    I couldn't find a place to post this question so I figured this was the most fitting place.  Are there any shops around SE Michigan to check out/audition high end headphones?  The only place I can find is Best Buy with Magnolia sections, and their selection is pretty thin.  The one in Bloomfield Hills really only had Sennheiser Momentum, HD558(?) and B&W P5's.  I ordered a paid of P7's that are coming tomorrow, but if I don't like them I'd like to check out some others.
  9. headsounds
    Lets get a meet going!
    I want to experience other headphones and setups!
    I only have FA-003 clone (HM5) and the entry level Schiit amp/dac.
    It's not glamorous, but the student activity floor in Schoolcraft Community College's Lower Waterman Center (Livonia, Michigan) would be perfect to facilitate a meet! Lots of tables, plugs, even soundproof rooms we could use for speaker setups.
    Which day would work best for everyone? Saturday or Sunday?
    1pm December 7th or 8th?
  10. headsounds
    There are a lot of restaurants in the immediate area for after the meet!
  11. headsounds
    Anyone have orthodynamic and electrostatic headphones that could make the meet?
  12. shrimants
    Schedule it anywhere within 50 miles from Detroit and I'll show up. I'll make time if there's time to plan it out. I'd rather wait till later in December because of college classes and people's vacation days. We can always do a smaller house meeting, if anyone has a big place with table space. My parents house supports up to 20 people tops but it's my parents house.
  13. Kongetorsk
  14. Rinx7
    Yeah I was about to say that December 7th would be a terrible day for me since I have to study for finals that weekend.
  15. headsounds
    so I looked into the Schoolcraft option further, we could only meet there on a weekday. Open until 10pm
    I don't mind meeting at your parents house... 
    Any other venue ideas? 
    Maybe for the December 14th weekend?
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