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Detroit Metro Meet?

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  1. aboxman
    Let me check the calendar, and the clubhouse calendar.  The condo association I live in has a pretty large meeting room that I can rent for very little (I think it was $35 last time I checked).  Plenty of outlets and tables.  It would be in Northville. 
  2. shrimants
    That would be very nice. I'm in novi.
  3. headsounds
    Any updates? I'm in for sure, and would help with the clubhouse rental.
  4. headsounds
    At any rate, it seems like a few of us are within a couple miles of eachother... I live in Wixom, maybe we could do a mini meet, soon.
    My best friend is in town from California for a few days, and has much better ears than I do. He'd really like to hear some of your stuff.
    I'm PMing the super local guys...
  5. Herky151
    I would love to do any form of get together. The earliest I will be home from school is December 21st and will be home until January 20th. Anywhere within 40 miles of Northville and I will be happy to show up.
  6. Herky151
    Has anyone checked with Jude to see if he might want to make an appearance? That would make the meet all the sweeter. 
  7. shrimants
    My schedule is open december 15-18. But 19-21 im busy, then 21-23 im free and after that im booked. I'm completely booked till the 14th.
  8. shrimants
    Perhaps rather than a big spanking meetup we should be trying for a small holiday party? We can just bring whatever we happen to have (X3, HD650, magni, modi, O2, ath-m50) and just hang out?
  9. wotts
    I'm wicked busy until into the new year. I'll keep tabs on what goes on here though. If anyone is ever in the kalamazoo area, drop me a line.
  10. Rinx7
    Seems like most of the people on this thread are busy until about a week after New Years so why not January 4th or 11th?
  11. shrimants
    i'll be out of town till january 11th and i start my job on january 13th. should we try for the weekend after that? or maybe the first weekend in february? that should give people plenty of time to plan and mark their calendars, plus since its a weekend the majority of people will havea the day off anyways. those without the day off have 1.5 months to plan.
  12. thread
    I could offer my loft in downtown Detroit... but parking on a non-Sunday isn't free and I could only comfortably have like 8 or so.

    aboxman's meeting room sounds good, too.

    I'm flexible on date.
  13. Audio Guy
    If a meeting place is an issue, we could meet at my office (I75 and Rochester Rd) in a conference room.. Evening or weekend.. Parking is no issue. However, I do not currently have a high grade setup there... but I could likely arrange that too..
  14. jkim802
    Been lurking these forums for a while and made an account to post here. I am relatively new and my only set up is a dt990 pro and schiit stack. I would love to come out to a meet if there is one in the metro detroit area. I'm located in the Troy area but am willing to drive! 
    I really hope this happens!
  15. Endcode
    I'm also very interested in attending a meet if it were to happen. I could bring a Little Dot I+, an e10 to serve as a dac for it, Grado sr-125i, JVC S400's,and modded Superlux hd-660
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