Denon D2000 screw replacements?
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Dec 21, 2014
I am in the process of modding my Denon D2000 and noticed that it is missing 1 small short screw that goes on the driver and 1of the small longer screws that attached the cup to the driver. Need help trying to determine the size of those screws or a resource as to how to get them. If I knew the size, I could probably find them online, but I have no idea. If I knew the size of them, at least that would help me maybe find them online. I am thinking maybe an old parts list, perhaps that would give the size? Any help is appreciated.

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Does anybody know the size of the screw that goes into the cups? I am surprised with as many MarkL mods that have been done, that nobody would know the size of the screws!!

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Yes, I can do that! I will try to get the pics this evening, or at least find pics that will point out where they are. When you remove the earpad, there are 4 smal screws that attach the cup to the metal ring of the headphone, they are short screws, after that, there are an additional 4 screws that will attach the cup to the driver. Here is a video showing the removal of the 4 screws.
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Have you tried to contact your local Denon supplier? Usually they know a repair-service where you can order these parts. When I lost one of the screws of my D5000, I contacted my distributer in Belgium directly and they could order it for me. I did pay €15 for it :-/ but I was sure that it was the correct size and all.
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You can purchase them through Denon USA. They are pretty tiny, probably like a size #2, but the thread is less fine than the #2's you'd find at the store. I've fixed a number of the Denons, I recommend using a temporary thread locker as well as they tend to loosen and slip out over time.

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