Denon AH-D7000
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May 6, 2007
I receive this document from Denon France.

Any of you have some informations about the AH-D7000???
Thank you.

Edit 06/13/08 : The D7000 were planned for October or November in France, for about 1000€. Apparently they have new drivers, more dynamic. And they have larger cups.©from Denon France

Edit 07/08/08 :
News pics from Denon.^^


Edit 08/25/08 :


Originally Posted by hawat /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I don't have a d5000 and have no clue what the inside is made of but they have a picture of the stuff inside of the d7000 you can compare with your d2000/d5000.


and after auto - translating their official site we can see this.
(it seems they have done something to reduce the bass vibration and maybe switched pleather earpad with soft leather)

Flagship model headphone

Denon will put AH-D7000 on the market as a top-end model of the stereo headphone.

AH-D7000 strictly analyzes the component of the headphone such as "The resolution is high, and driver unit that invents the sound of amount of rich feeling", "Native wood housing with excellent effect of the sound", "Headband & frame work that achieves a light, natural installation feeling", and "Code wire rod that transmits a pure audio signal".

It is a flagship model of Denon who completed it repeating the audition and the analysis that happens one after another to obtain the sound with a high installation feeling and quality that can be concentrated on music without the stress.

The main feature


Microfiber vibration board adoption that reproduces sound that resolution is high and delicate

The vibration board with the attenuation feature that the sound wave velocity is fast and near the ideal by using the material of the width of the fiber of about past 1/100.

A smooth characteristic is obtained for an inside and a high region, and a low region ..amount of rich feeling.. reproduces, too.

Moreover, the vibration board and the frame are assumed the free edge structure, and assumed to be a structure that the movement of the vibration board is not limited by the resonance of the edge etc.

The movement of an ideal speaker has been achieved with the vibration board of the headphone.


Equipped with driver unit of neodymium magnet adoption with strong magnetic energy

A dynamic sound in which the dumping is effective is achieved by a strong magnet and the best magnetic circuit design.


Native wood housing with gloss coating that makes the best use of grain

The native wood mahogany material that the rigidity used also for musical instruments such as guitars is excellent high in the acoustical property is adopted in the housing.

To obtain the best tone quality repeating the analysis and the audition by not only the feeling of luxury of externals but also shape, a thickness of the housing, and various aspects until finishing up, it is formed.

In addition, a deep sound is invented with the shade with the depth by giving the piling paint of the luster finish.


Acoustic optimizer that achieves the best acoustical property by adjusting acoustic pressure balance before and behind vibration board

The acoustic pressure balance after the cook of the vibration is adjusted by radiating a part of the radiation [sareru] acoustic pressure through the acoustical filter behind the vibration board and the best acoustical property is invented.

The bass with few feelings of shutting up with amount of feeling is obtained in the bass region, and the modulation phenomenon by the bass said, "It is blown" is reduced, and the reproduction that being possible to pull out is good in clearing is achieved in the convex region.


The code of bilaterally symmetrical length and the quality is used for the tone quality valuing.

High purity 7N-OFC(99.99999% OFC) line adoption


Elastomeric + cloth rolling sheath adoption round which code doesn't twine easily

The elastomeric material that prevents the noise that arises from the touch noise etc. is used for the cover of the cable.

In addition, the cloth rolling is given the outside and feeling has been improved.

When installing it, the stress can be used few and comfortably because elastomeric doesn't twine delicately easily.


Three-dimensional sewing soft leather year easily fit head pad


The listening for a long time is a light magnesium frame that achieves a comfortable installation feeling.


6.3mm standard stereo plug and gold-plated plug


The conversion plug is not attached.


Gorgeous case.. attachment

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I'll ignore them, I promise.
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how long ago were the d1000/d2000/d5000's released? not too long right?

on one hand i want to say "screw u denon".
and on the other i hope the d5000 drops to ~$300. lol
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There's no source. No one take this seriously until there is a credible (or ANY) source.
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Originally Posted by gautam /img/forum/go_quote.gif
i do hope this is not some cruel joke. we have felling you know.

I know that, especially for the K702 or the Sennheiser H700 or 800 (don't remember exactly the name).

Usually I find a lot "for first" informations on head-fi even fake, but then, nothing.
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Originally Posted by gautam /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thats what we have all said. but we can not. we can not.

I can for sure.
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Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
There's no source. No one take this seriously until there is a credible (or ANY) source.

Just send an email to my contact at Denon France, hope i'll have an answer and more informations for tomorrow (cause it's 8 o'clock PM in France). ^^
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well it's sort of very bloody dodgy when the pictures of the headphones are in such crappy quality, yet the text is perfectly fine... And in the pictures of the "d7000" theres no small text around the cups, which is obviously because it's been photoshopped, the curvature of the cups don't look to be even either.

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