Denafrips Arce
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Well that is very encouraging to see that updates are still happening. Really good news for sure. I respect companies who truly support their products and customers.
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The video we've been waiting for! World premiere of the Denafrips Arce Streamer.

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The video we've been waiting for! World premiere of the Denafrips Arce Streamer.
Hmmmm... no Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify - "only" Roon and other local streaming protocols.
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I think that for people who are primarily going to integrate streaming services through such devices that while it should be several years, it is almost a certainty that these type of devices will become outdated quickly, relatively speaking.

Makes me wonder if it makes any sense investing significant cash into such devices. Will these vendors put the resources to keep older devices (as they age) able to connect to streaming services or will they stop support efforts hoping that customers felt that they received enough time and will simply purchase the next iteration.

Frankly for me, I'm happy using my phone to stream to a DAC via Bluetooth. Amazing sound quality in a very convenient device that I already own. When I upgrade my phone, the previous one becomes my Android music streaming device so no double duty as a phone and probably updated far longer than a streaming box would ever be.

Of course that is for me a user with humble needs, but my phone has not let me down as a streaming device for years and no extra money out of pocket. Still, I can see the appeal with a dedicated streaming device like this.

I experience SQ degradation using bluetooth to the streamer and even an airplay.

Native apps and wifi is the way to go
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The specs are disappointing in comparison to Holo Red.

Alvin specifically says in the video a few times that they didn't want to use a Rasberry Pi (like the Red) where they could have installed a million functions and "specs". The ultimate goal was sound quality and that is why they developed their own platform and I guess kept it simple. Also, no point in incorporating a DDC when they already sell 3 different models. If you observe the power supply section (not just the transformer) in this and the Red, you can guess how much more they are concerned about the sound quality as an ultimate goal. I'm pretty sure they are well aware of what the competition offers and made a decision. I was contemplating buying the Red but not after seeing this.
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The new Arce streamer does not appear to have a USB Audio digital output, but has i2s,optical,coax,AES outputs according to the spec sheet on Vinshine Audio. I asked Alvin about software if you were just playing local files and not a Roon user. He replied that there is a new android app for the streamer and that is how you control local file playback, he didn't mention iOS. On price it is quite close to the Eversolo DMP-A6 which seems much more feature rich. The Arce not even having Spotify Connect is a bit of a surprise really . How would the sound compare between the Arce and the DMP-A6 is a key question for me.
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After looking at the internals on both, you can tell Denafrips prioritized clean power and good quality components. The streamer section of the Red is basically a Raspberry Pi w/ a better power supply. When the DDC portion is operating, the only thing not functioning is the Pi. This looks like they wanted the best sounding streamer for the money and decided to sacrifice features for better internals. Alvin acknowledges in the video that this isn't the streamer for everyone, mainly due to the feature selection. If you're already a Roon user, this is quite enticing.


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Hmmmm... no Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify - "only" Roon and other local streaming protocols.
And HQP NAA (other streaming services coming in a future update)

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