Define "Widened Soundstage"
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When one says that an amp "widens" the soundstage...what exactly does it do?

Create larger divides between the Lows, Mids, Highs?

Seperate instruments?


Hmm... I interprete as imaging a stage that is widened. Don't you hear with cheap 5$ cans that the soundstage is narrow - just in your head? With better cans it feels just more like you would be in a concert surrounded by soundwaves coming from everywhere.
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Its like, instead of two speakers right next to each other facing you from 5 feet put them 20 feet apart and hear a bigger stereo "image".
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To me, wider soundstage means that when you're hearing the music (listen w/ your eyes closed), the sound field feels as if it is bigger, mainly b/c you can hear echoes or other cues in the music that give the audio illusion that an instrument is placed farther back than another one, and that other sounds in the music sound as if they are farther away and others sound closer.

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