Dedicated headphone comparison and/or WTB subforums?
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Dec 12, 2009
Just wondering if anyone has ever thought about creating subforums for headphone comparisons or What-to-buy threads? It's not really something I gave so much thought to, but the idea came across as I was browsing the main headphone forum. There are just so many posts and threads, and a large portion of them are WTB threads, or headphones asking how one set of cans compares to another. I just thought it might help the organization and searchability of the forums to have these categories separated.

It would nice being able to just go into the potential comparison subforum, and find threads comparing the sound of certain cans, and would probably save a lot of time for people looking for info on how two sets of cans compares. Likewise, a WTB forum could remove all the clutter of fold like me asking for what to get next =P I really do like the idea of a comparison or A/B specific subforum though.

Another thing I thought of, though I have no idea how it could be implemented, is kind of "tagging" threads, or somehow having markers indicating the purpose of the thread.

The obvious problems with this though are that people aften ask for comparisons with WTB threads, and that threads can change their nature over time. Also, Head-Fi already has a gazillion subforums XD.
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We already have the headphone forum. I really don't think its a good idea. Headphone comparisons are related to headphones and so their rightful place is in the headphone forum imo.

Tagging, on the other hand, could be handy, although it's normally quite easy to tell what a thread is about from the title.

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