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Decent Setup for Copper Pro's?

  1. Hypernova16
    Purchased the MTCP and Cowon J3 recently. 
    This will be my first portable setup, and Im a noob, so be kind.
    Just wondering, does the MTCP need to be amped? Cuz I plan to get the ALO Rx Mk2 for amping the MTCP, or will I be wasting my money? Is it really necessary for the MTCP to be amped?
    Also, decent setup?
    Cowon J3 > SXC 22awg ALO audio mini to mini > ALO Rx Mk2 > MTCP
  2. DaBomb77766
    Quite honestly, yeah, I think that would be a waste of money...spending that much on an amp for a earphone worth half the price?  Most IEMs don't really need an amp.  It'd probably sound fine right out of the player...the difference, if any, would be fairly minimal with a high-end amp.
  3. KaliKot
    The MTPCs work well with an amp as they like some power, but the J3 should do it justice with its powerful HP out already :)
    So no, don't waste your money on the amp

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