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Decent compact desktop speakers for Creative X7: Focal XS?

  1. brazzmonkey
    Hi folks,
    I've been looking for a good external soundcard, and I eventually got a Creative Sound Blaster X7. So far I like it, and using my Beyerdynamics Custom Studio headphones I'm really re-discovering some music I've been listening for years. But that's another story...

    Now I'm looking for a 2.0 or 2.1 set of decent speakers for my desktop. I need the satellites to be compact (say about 15 x 15 cm each, max height around 30 cm), so that my desktop real estate is preserved.
    My budget would be around 300 euros.

    I've seen several brands and models of desktop speakers.
    Currently I'm attracted by the Focal XS 2.1 (active speakers with DAC), but I would be using it only through its audio input. So maybe for the same budget I can find even better bookshelf speakers. Unfortunately they usually are bigger.

    So I'd appreciate if you guys could point me towards a good and small desktop speaker set, be it active or passive.

  2. brazzmonkey
    Ok, so I've been searching around and eventually figured out that what I've been l've been looking for were satellite speakers (plus a subwoofer).
    What's a decent set pf satellite speakers?
    Cambridge minx 22, Polk whatever...

    Any hints?

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