Deal Alert: Westone UM56 for 65.00$ and 1.00$ for custom color
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Mar 9, 2009
westone UM56

I've emailed Westone and they have confirmed that IAVS was an authorized dealer


Thank you for the e-mail. I am pleased to inform you that I.A.V.S. is an authorized Westone dealer. Thank you and have a great day.

Kyle Harris
Westone Music Products
Customer Relationships Associate
2235 Executive Cir.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
719.540.9333 x343
Musicians' in-ear monitors, hearing protection and articles :: Westone - Westone Music - 50 - Male - COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -

This makes the UM56 the cheapest custom molds on the market

Edit: when you add to cart, the price will drop to 65.00 or 66.00
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How does that work? You order it online... then what??
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I just bought mine. You rock!


I'm getting a little spooked. There are no names and no mailing address. If these guys live in Orlando, there are less than an hour from me, but the only existence I see is in cyberspace. Without a mailing address, I don't have a location to send my measurements. Are they operating out of somebody's car or what?
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After ordering, you should call them and they will tell you to send the impressions to them. The address is supposed to be on the site (1244 Holly Spring Circle, Orlando Florida 32825) (if you live near them, can you check it for me?
). I think they are quite new, there are many sections on the site under construction.

Anyway, if something bad happens, we can always blame Westone, lulz.
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westone sat on my order - you need to start making calls if its been more than a week - for some reason they dont actually followup with the audiologist and sit on your order going 'duh'

not this group, but just FYI
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I got mine already so there is no scam here.

However, their procedure sucks.

Firstly, you have to send the impressions to IAVS (lolz, why???) whose address is nowhere to be found on their website. You can Google it but the best way is to call them and get the address. The thing is: 95% of the time, you will speak with the answering machine.

Secondly, after you confirm that your impressions have reached Westone. You MUST contact Westone to tell them which IEM those UM56 will be on
Mine impressions sat at the lab for 1 week without any update until I contacted Powerhound.

Ah well, everything has its price. They are honest but amateurish. Too bad. I think I'm the only one who orders from them. I can't imagine what happens if they are flooded with orders.

Ps: and don't bother emailing them.
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I guess I will stick with the $165 fee from a local Westone-authorized audiologist, which includes the whole thing, molds and final sleeves. Don't feel like the hassle. Believe it or not, the local audilogist I was going to use (a 10-minute walk) charges $200 for the UM56, but I found one about 20 minutes away by car across the river in Jersey who charges $165. I go Tuesday for the impressions.
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Why are you guys getting charged so much? I went to the local audilogist and he wanted $120 for these things. I told him its too much and ill pay him for the impression. He said go ahead keep them no big deal. I told him I want to pay for for them and he said "dont worry about it its .50 cents my cost."

I kept saying please just anything. He said $5. I gave it to him and said thank you. Very kind man If i ever know anyone that needs to see an audiilogist ill recommend him
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Wait...can you put these on non westone products? If so, the ety er4 or hf5?

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Sounds like a good deal...

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