DC Area Head-Fi Meet Planning (ongoing)
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Checking in. Is there an upcoming local meet in the works?

I notice HeadphoneGuru is on the home page for Capital Audiofest Nov 1-3 2019. I also see Headamp on the vendor list. So maybe there will be a headphone event this year??
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I haven't heard anything, but I am going to meet with Gary at the DC Hifi Group meeting next week, can talk to him if we have space for a meet, and if all goes well, I might be buying a table :)
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As far as I know, there was no planned headphone area and Headamp will be in the atrium with the "marketplace" crowd. I'd like it if more headphone companies came.

LTA talked to Gary last week and is organizing a small area near the ballrooms into some kind collection of headphone-related stuff. Not sure yet if it's going to be all LTA amps with a healthy selection of headphones and a variety of iBasso digital players to try with suitable over and on-ear headphones, or if we'll be partnering with other vendors in some way. Nicholas is working on that and I'll keep you updated.

I'd like to organize a meet at the LTA shop but have been too busy to remember to work out when would be good.

For anyone interested in stopping by whether we have a meet or not, here's the new stuff at the shop:
Meze Empyreans arrived, as did a Lampizator Golden Gate DAC. It's really big. If anyone wants to do some DAC tube rolling, it takes all of these (a pair): 101D, 300B, 6A3, 45, 245, 345, PX-4
We've also resurrected Urban HiFi to act as our distribution arm, which right now is only distributing iBasso. We have all of their DAPs, all of the amp modules, and all of the accessories (like the DC01 and DC02 dongle amp/DACs). We have the IT01 and IT03, but not the IT01S or IT04, or the over-ear headphone.
We also finally got an official, current production MrSpeakers Voce electrostatic headphone.
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I need to hear @SuperDuke's Verite.

Will do you have the new ZMFs?

We do not. Definitely planning to have them at CAF, and will ideally also have the closed version. Nicholas is now mainly in charge of things like getting headphones (he got the Empyreans for us). I'll ask him about any plans for new sets for the shop.
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We haven't had time to organize a meet at the shop before CAF, but I have some updates about the LTA Headphone Lounge at CAF.

We'll have the MZ2, MZ3, Z10i (EL84-based integrated amp with headphone output), and Z10e (the Z10i plus an electrostatic headphone output). Sources will be Border Patrol DAC, the new Denafrips Ares II, and the MHDT Orchid.

With the Z10e we'll have MrSpeakers Voce, Stax SR-009S and SR-L700 MKII. Other headphones we have confirmed are:
MrSpeakers Ether 2, Aeon 2
ZMF Vérité Closed, Auteur, Atticus
Meze Empyrean
Klipsch HP-3
Focal Stellia

We'll also have the iBasso DX220 with various amp modules and the DX160.
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@willsw i'll be taking a little space at your table with my headphones as well :), should have at least one open and one closed there at the show

I just found this out and was happy, as I had been meaning to ask you about this. Looking forward to the setup!

The Denafrips Ares II just arrived, I have it settling in using NOS mode and the slow roll-off filter (OS mode and sharp filters are the other options). It's a satisfyingly dense little package.
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Update 2: Happy to report that another DAC is joining our Lounge roster: the Holo Audio Spring 2, Kitsune Tuned Edition. This is upgraded from the original Spring. Thanks very much to Tim from Kitsune for lending this for the show.

The Klipsch HP3 arrived today an we'll have several more headphones arriving next week. If you can't make the show or just want to spend more quiet time with any of the gear that we're bringing to CAF, let us know and you can come by the shop in Takoma Park in the week after the show. You're welcome to bring any of your own gear for comparisons.
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Hey all,

For those of you who went to the Capital Audio Fest in prior years, is the focus completely on full-room audio systems, or do they also have headphone/IEM representation there?

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