DC Area Head-Fi Meet - March 12, 2017 - Gaithersburg, Maryland

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    Wow, what a fun time! This was my first local meet and I don't think we could have had a more friendly and knowledgeable group participate!
    A lot of thanks go to everyone who came and brought such a wide range of their audio equipment to try out!
    Not only that but we had some outstanding chocolate cake to keep our energy levels high! 
    The highlight of my own auditioning was getting to try out all of the Audeze headphones, they were the ones I kept coming back to try out with different source material.
    Following Audeze, it was the Focal Utopia. A completely different approach to audio fidelity, but one that I think I could listen to for hours at a time.
    I was highly impressed by the source equipment that I was introduced to at the meet. The range of tube and solid state devices offered a great variety of specifications and capabilities. Loved that some of these were hand made by attendees - next meet we should have a lecture on how some of these devices came to be and the design decisions that were made!
    A very special thanks go to the Kentlands, Gaithersburg, MD community for allowing us to use the Carriage House as a venue for this meet. It was just right!
    I will end here with a word of thanks to AGPtek for providing so many sample DAPs and earphones to try out and then to pass on to attendees for at-home testing. They were very generous and I hope we will see some straightforward reviews on Head-Fi soon!
    BTW, I loaded all of the DAPS with the same wide range of FLAC files. They were a selection that I used to test the Rocker DAP, but some of the file formats will not work on the other DAPs. If you don't have one of the Rockers (which play the widest range of file formats, including DSD,) please don't forget to erase the sample files I loaded and try out your own FLAC and MP3 files to have an accurate assessment of each device.
    Here are some photos taken when we were setting up for the event - 
  2. kendavis
    Okay... some more photos...
    IMG_0885.jpg IMG_0888.jpg
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  3. GrindingThud
    A few more: https://goo.gl/photos/71Q6r4yo4hgu2imq9
    1st time I've listened to K1000...very interesting. I was not expecting the amout of bass from them and suprised they had deep bass. The soundstage was just, WoW!
    Yes! Those AKG K1000s were something else, so much air and detail! Too bad they are long discontinued, but it looks like the Nomax will be coming out soon enough!
  5. willsw
     Had a great time at the meet chatting with @PJABBER and the regulars. Wish I hadn't been so late, probably should have been a bit more reasonable with the amount of things brought, and learned the eternal lesson of testing a setup before committing to it. In the end, once things were running, everything was fine. Thank you to the person whose name I don't remember that made the cake. Was happy to hear the Denafrips Ares even not burned in. It seems to have potential once it's, uh, fully cooked.
    I had hoped to tell everyone (who hasn't already heard it) about the Mitchell & Johnson line of headphones and about some demo pricing on Metrum Musettes we have available. Also had hoped to highlight the iBasso P5 desktop/portable amp. 
    I have some things to look into, but I'm hoping to be able to host a bigger meet at/kinda at Urban HiFi, just have to work out logistics. Hoping to get some interesting loaner units from vendors; please contact me via email (will [at] lineartubeaudio.com) or PM if there are any products you're really wanting to hear. 
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  6. SuperDuke
    Thanks PJABBER for your excellent hosting!
    I really enjoyed hearing the Stock HD800 right beside the Dupont modded version and then also my HD800S.  It seemed like a straight trajectory of relatively bright sound w/ the stock version to relative less brightness w/ the HD800S.  All three sounded great and had wonderful detail.    
  7. ScottFW
    Thanks to PJABBER for organizing! It was good seeing everyone again and hearing some of the latest and greatest gear. I don't think I'd been to a meet since April-May of last year. I was obviously out of practice at packing up for these things, grabbed the wrong laptop and had to futz with installing drivers for my DAC as I was setting up.
    This was my first listen to the famed AKG K1000. Kinda trippy with the staging and ambience you can get from pivoting the speakers, although I'd have to listen to them in a mostly normal position (not flapping outwards too much) so as to maintain some decent bass. With more than a few degrees of outward pivot the low end seemed to fall off a cliff.
    Great to finally hear the Utopias. Even with some background noise in meet conditions, I could easily conclude that they're among the best headphones I've ever heard. I'd have to hear them side-by-side against some SR-009s to pick between them, but the Utopias pretty well nail it as far as end-game headphones go. Great transparency and neutrality, crazy detailed without any treble harshness, bass that's deep and detailed without any artificial bloat, just a natural sounding revealing set of cans that obviously demand top flight upstream gear.
    Also had another long listen to the HD800S on my Crack and I still definitely prefer them to the HD650 (and they're way better than the OG laser-treble HD800) however the margin of victory wasn't nearly as great as the price differential IMO. Clearly in the territory of diminishing returns. I'm either sticking with HD650s, or going in another direction if I decide to drop significantly more coin. HE-6 or Stax or something.
  8. BriarSnob
    Unfortunately, I just found this thread after the event.  Any chance you guys will plan another one this year or next?
  9. TimeLord
    I'm sure there will be more meets this year. Keep an eye on or subscribe to the following two threads and you should know about the next meeting.


  10. BriarSnob

    Thanks -- will do.  Looking forward to it!
  11. int_architect
    I can't believe I COMPLETELY missed this! This is the second one I've missed. Gotta work on my radar, because every time I think to check for a local meet, the meet has already happened.
  12. sheldaze
    We've been enjoying quite a few meets of late on the MD side, and you won't find me complaining!
    But asking if there is interest on the VA side. I list two options below:
    1. Saturday, April 1: Short meet from 10am to 1pm (emphasis on short - the room is scheduled for use immediately following, so need to be out at 1pm)
    2. Saturday, May 20: 10am to 2pm
    Any interest?
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    I definitely can't make it for April 1, May 20 looks like a much better date for me! 
    Where in Virginia?
  14. sheldaze
    Public library off 66, inside the Beltway. It hosts 30 people, but its best feature is electricity in the floor. Plug each table into the floor and you've got a desktop source for electricity, at multiple places in the room!
    I could reserve and cancel later. But it seems to me the last week before everyone is gone for Summer!
  15. kendavis
    I'd be game for either or both dates. Although this is probably a bad idea, I would be interested in hearing the Holo Spring into the Liquid Gold again. I can bring the Liquid Gold
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