DC Area Head-Fi Meet - March 12, 2017 - Gaithersburg, Maryland

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  1. sheldaze
    I'll wait for positive confirmation from the Arlington library system before I create the thread. The VA area names mean nothing to me. I had to look it up - it's the Westover branch:
    And @kendavis, rumor has it that Holo DACs are proliferating in the DC area. So you'll likely get your chance to hear it again. If 'Da Pusher Man' brings his Gold and Holo, you might only need to bring your Yggy (balanced XLR and digital AES cable). That way you can feed directly into Gold via the second set of balanced inputs. That would be a definite A/B comparison I think we'd all be interested to hear.
  2. kendavis
    Yes... I saw one recent order. Maybe there are others as well. I'll bring the Yggy too if that what it takes.
  3. TimeLord
    As of now, I can probably make either or both dates.
    @kendavis, I can bring both Holo and LAu for comparisons.
  4. darmanastartes
    I would be interested in attending the May 20th date.
  5. sheldaze
    There is still a May 20. Only I thought it better to wait until after the April meet. Even I'm getting confused, just trying to keep track [​IMG]
  6. laevi
    Does anyone have the contact information of the DMV Focal dealer mentioned at this meet? I have a friend who is considering the Sony flagship (MDRZ1R), and he would like to ask if that dealer offers any sort of discount on that headphone.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. kendavis
    I will PM the particulars. I am reluctant to publish it on the internet. They are bona fide dealers.
  8. laevi

    Thank you, sir. I am much obliged.
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