Damaged MS2i cable, what can I do
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Jan 25, 2007

Originally Posted by DesmondDavidH /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I just want a new cable on my MS2 without paying absurd moneys on it, cause it's Just a Cable.

Anyway, talking of the driver housing: isn't just plastic, like the RS1/2?
The alluminium cup chamber shouldn't have any component attached (except the plastic part with the transducer). Or not?

If there's a DIY in EU with good experience that can help me let me know. What I'm looking is not magic, just a good and heavy duty cable, possibly techflexed.

the driver cup is plastic (unlike the RS1/2, GS1000 and MSPro where the driver sits in wood , hence the difficulty in DIY-recabling those) so it is quite easy to open indeed. Still the aluminum chamber sits in contact with the plastic and indirectly with the driver so be careful with heating them.

For my SR-60, I made a cheapish, pretty flexible and strong cable from 4 strands of 24awg teflon-coated SPC (from ebay store navships) covered with multifilament nylon sheeting and a neutrik right-angled 1/8" plug. I couldn't compare before and after really (I only had one set and it took a while to recable and I don't trust my memory too much
) but I surely didn't notice any degradation in SQ... Starquad (mini) or other 4 conductor prepared wire is even easier to work with and also pretty cheap.

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