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Dali Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by emba4, Sep 8, 2019.
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  1. emba4
    My personal favourite speaker manufacturer have decided to move into the world of headphones! and theyre starting off with wireless NC headphones, the IO4 and IO6 from the little info ive seen they look like they could be fantastic, maybe even something to beat out the Mobius as the best sounding wireless headphones

    Better still theyre not insanely priced, the IO4 seem to be coming in at about £270 while the IO6 clock in at £350. heres a link to the official page:


    and the only review i can find so far:

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  2. Brintkiks
    Thank you for sharing these.

    I can promise you that these are not just your typical Bluetooth headphones. I hope that you get to hear them. They will be available on most markets from mid to end November. If there are any Head-Fi'ers that are keen on trying these, we are open to a "pass around" session, where you get to borrow them and pass them on after you've tested them.

    And just to clarify, these are Bluetooth 5.0 and not 4.0 which a lot of articles state. The mix-up is due to an error in our spec sheet.

    /Dennis, DALI Employee
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  3. emba4
    I for one would be very keen to hear them if a pair were being passed around
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  4. HVHP
    Found this article while trying to find more information because like the op, I'm a huge fan of dali speakers. Currently own the Oberon 5's and some ATC SCM7's.

    I've actually got a pre order in for the io6's on that very site has I'm in the market for some wireless has I work 12 hour shifts and tired of wires breaking on me. Perfect timing to announce these and it was an easy decision for me to bite the bullet with my experience with dali speakers. Shame there is very little information or reviews out there yet it seems.

    I was hoping they would hit the October release date has I've seen oct/Nov mentioned but I'm patient. Can't wait hear what these are like and from that 1 review it sounds exactly what I'm after.

    Edit: I'll be sure to pop back on here when I get them give my thoughts but my experience is with in ears mainly, shure e5cs, se530, se535, ue triple fi 10s and currently etymotic er4 xr's so will be interesting how my first wireless overheads compare
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
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  5. karmazynowy
    Hi, do you plan to run this "pass around" session in EU too? Im from Poland to be precise. :L3000:
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  6. emba4
    I sure hope so as im in the UK, they do look small but they are in fact closed back over ear not on ear, if you check out some vids on youtube its a bit easier to see
  7. Caine Thanatos
    Also looking forward to this headphone.

    I was waiting for the new sony wh1000xm4 / 5 (since 4 is an unlucky number in Japan) . But no release at IFA 2019.
    Bu then Sennheiser release the new momentum 3, found this review from soundguys . It supports aptX LL and blue-tooth 5.0, except the noice-cancellation of Sennheiser is not as good in the lower frequencies as the wh1000xm3, since I commune on the train daily feels like a deal-breaker.

    And now this supprise :) , Eagerly waiting for a review of the Dali IO-6 :)

    I think the Dali IO-6 supports aptX HD , not aptX LL correct ?

    Also like it that you can connect it directly via usb (hopefully it will work on Linux easily :) ).
  8. emba4
    i think itd be pretty unlikely it wont run in linux, most any usb dac connects with no issue and if it works on android then itll almost certainly work on linux. personally ive always found senn a bit lacking but i havent tested any of their current line. and to answer your other question it supports aptx, aptxHD and AAC over BT5.0, i know this because i just stumbled upon this lovely whitepaper:

    http://sound-pixel.com/files/product_pdf/DALI IO whitepaper_EN 10-09-2019.pdf
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  9. Caine Thanatos
    Thanks for the witepaper, will read it.

    I got a space plus ess sabre32 dac , using usb with a momentum 2.0 (classic 3.5mm , no active noise-cancelation) which indeed works out of the box.
    I also got a creative labs SXFI , which kinda works out of the box but only 2.0 , it can 7.1 but not in linux ,unless I start windows in a Virtual Machine, change it there. Then I can use it.
    So I am confident there shall be no trouble :)
  10. tiagopinto
    Thanks for this whitepaper. The info in it is very useful to have a general idea of the specs, since there's still very little info online about the iO-6. Also very important to know, do they have an accompanying app?

    I'm VERY excited about this release. I'm in the market for my first wireless/ANC pair of cans so this is disturbing my already narrow options, in a good way.

    I've been seriously considering the B&W PX (which I've already tried and to me sounded amazing) and the new Bose 700 (which I've only tried the QC35II, not these, and were fine). Now there's another bonafide speaker manufacturer entering this precious space. I'll be trying them out today (hopefully) as the local dealer has a test sample for a short time only. I will try and update this with my two cents. Until then, keep posting your opinions.

    I favor fidelity over coloration so these will have to be tried out. I'd also like to get more info on the Beyerdynamic Lagoon and Audio Technica ATH-ANC900BT because they are serious can makers.

    Cheers All!
  11. emba4
    Are you saying a dealer has a sample of the io6? If so which dealer and does anyone know if there are more out there, I'm willing to travel to get my ears on them
  12. tiagopinto
    This is in Lisbon, Portugal. I believe he's only holding them until tomorrow, the 18th. Then it goes into pre-order status...
  13. emba4
    Ah crap, bit far for me on short notice but it does mean there may be others with sample pairs, think it's time I contacted some shops!
  14. tiagopinto
    Where are you located? What's your opinion on my options? Thx.
  15. emba4
    I personally used to have a pair of QC35ii but I sold them when I got my audeze Mobius which kicks them into a tin hat sound quality wise, I'm willing to wager the io6 will be a strong competitor to the Mobius meaning the likes of Sony and Bose won't stand a chance

    Also I can't speak for the Sony or B&W but the Bose app wasn't really useful in any way.

    Obviously till I hear them I can't judge properly but if you're considering buying a pair of cans now id strongly recommend holding off till you've heard these.

    Of course I may be a bit biased, I've owned 4 pairs of Dali speakers and all were utterly astounding so I have a ton of faith that these will be the one

    I haven't heard the B&W or the master and dynamic which are both supposedly really good cans but honestly I have a feeling that when it's launched the io6 will become the new king of wireless ANC cans
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