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DAC of Sony Xperia S

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by cklow01, Mar 18, 2012.
  1. cklow01
    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know the DAC being used in the new Sony Xperia S phone? Has it got good sound quality? The design is nice and I am considering of getting one. Thanks.
  2. cheezburger
    I think its SQ should be the same as of any other Snapdragon S3-based phone. Try searching for them.
  3. c0xad
    I wounder also about the SQ on Xperia S . .
    I had the Galaxy S2 and it sounds awfull :/ even with EQ apps and Klipsh S4 . .
    Going to buy the Xperia S in 2weeks . . and i hope it sounds simular to Cowon so i dont need to buy one separately .
  4. doggystyle
    Any news regarding this phone?  It will be nice to hear a user opinion apart what I already read from gsmarena
    The Sony Xperia S performed pretty well in the first part of our traditional audio quality test. The smartphone got very good scores all over and garnished them an average volume levels, making up for one of the better performances we have seen.

    There's some degradation when you plug in a pair of headphones, but things certainly aren't too bad. The stereo crosstalk rises noticeably and some distortion creeps in. Volume levels remain about the same, though, which is not a common sight among smartphones. A solid overall performance, which should please anyone but the most demanding audiophiles."


    Best regards!

  5. lisztian420
    I was somewhat interested... But then I found out there's no microSD slot available for many newer models of smart phones this year. <30GB is just not worth the upgrade for me: (
  6. doggystyle
    what source do you have for the moment?
  7. hoangnh2512
    Anyone can compare the SQ of this phone with Iphone 4, please?
  8. bucho2004
    i recently go the xperia s and i am very happy with the sound quality it produces, quite surprised that it's not mentioned here more frequently. My past phones were xperia ray, galaxy s2 and htc desire, and this phone is a big improvement in sound quality.
    For a more  direct comparison i have a Sony Walkman A865 the little brother of the z1000.  The xperia competes with the Walkman surprisingly well, while it does not extend bass as much which makes the Walkman sounds more powerful, it is equal with its instrument separation and the clarity and depth of sound, which gives the xperia s a very enjoyable clean sound presentation, that i grow to like more and more. iam very happy leaving my Walkman behind and using my phone when out and about now, something i have never done before. 
  9. uelover
    I had A865 and am using Xperia Ray at the moment. Have just upgraded to Android 4.0 ICS and there is an improvement in the SQ from Android 2.3 GB.
    I am really fond of the SQ of the Xperia Ray and now it is even better with the ICS. Their specs is a little disappointing in terms of processor speeds and etc. Nonetheless, the sound is very good. On my ES5, it is better than the Sony X and A DAP.
  10. animalsrush
    I have ES5 and both Sony X and Xperia ray .. I should give ray a shot .. will try tonight with google play .. Thanks for recommendation
  11. uelover
    I find that the stock music player on the Xperia ray sounded the best, even better than poweramp or playerpro. I am using ES5 stock cable by the way. Of course, you can try all sorts of different permutations. I had tried many and went back to all stock configuration using direct headphone out from the ray. =D
  12. kiteki
    The Xperia Ray sound quality is shocking, it's an amazing phone.  I think it uses an ST-Ericsson DAC chip.
    It's funny you say A865 uelover since I was going to buy the A867 a few days ago.
  13. LifeAspect
    Got the Xperia S a couple of weeks ago. I must say this phone produces some nice sound for being a smartphone. I did hook it up with a Fiio E6 and it does do wonders for my B&W P5. Haven't really heard any other phones though and I am just comparing it with my old Ipod video which I bought 5? years ago.
  14. bestnaru
    I am really curious about what genre of songs you were listening to.
    I am in the market for a new DAP to replace my Sony S639F and have set my eyes on A860 series for its form factor and S-master sound.
    The reason I ask this is because I have Xperia Ray too. 
    While Ray produce some emotional midrange and has more open and wider soundstage than S639, it is underwhelming to listen to any rock songs or fast paced songs with drum and cymbal.
    As soon as the segment gets busy, the sound becomes boomy, the music detail blurs and there is little instrument separation. 
    The bass doesn't go as deep and feels dead compared to S639 too.
    If A860 can't compete Ray in these aspects, I won't have to worry about importing A860 to Canada then.
  15. visanj
    I bought Xperia S recently and though sound quality is much better than my Galaxy S2, its too bright for my taste with my Brainwavz M2 IEM which is already a sweet sounding IEM. I was happy with Clip+
    I have ordered MH1C which seems to have sweet signature. Any opinions on how MH1C will pair with Xperia S?

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