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DAC/Amp for HD650 - Advice on e.g. Apogee, Headroom or Stello?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ardilla, Sep 10, 2010.
  1. ardilla
    Hi! Advice on DAC/Amps needed?
    Here are some options to start with - other suggestions are very welcome
    1 Got a Stello combination (Stello DA 100 + HP100, second hand 1200 USD)
    2 Apogee mini-dac (second hand 800 USD). 
    3 Also I'm considering the HeadRoom Desktop Amp/DAC (New: 800USD + tax = 1000), whih can be upgraded with a power-suppy (another 625...) 
    This is for my bedroom listening post. I really prefer a one box solution - but the sonic advantages of combos can weigh up..... I consider the stellos because they are available in the neghbourhood and are aesthetically OK as a duo. 
    Anyone had the chance to listen to any of these?
    By the way I live in Norway - pricing might be a bit different here - and that why I have to pay taxes on imports..
    Thanks :)
  2. ardilla
    No-one seems to have any opinions to share. Bump. 

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