Dac/Amp combo or seperate?
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Jun 10, 2006
Currently I'm using a MS-1 through an aiwa *all in one* receiver/cdp. I want to buy an amp and a dac for my headphones.
I would want my dac to have two output options so I could connect it to my speakers (maybe krk rp5g2) and to my headphones.
My question is should I get a separate dac and amp at the total value of <300$ or should I get a dac/amp combo dor the value of <300$?
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Behringer DEQ2496 Ultracurve Pro from zZounds.com!

Fits your budget, has multiple inputs and outputs, has a good built-in headphone amplifier and a very solid DAC, with an equalizer for free. The idea of a built-in headphone amp sounds dinky, but I've heard it myself and it sounds very good. The item as a whole is a great deal and performs very well, and the equalizer will allow you to tweak the sound even further and give you tons of options to adjust tone to your own preferences.
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I would go with two separate units.
Since that usually mean less compromises, which in turn should benefit the sound. It also give you more flexibility mixing the units with other ones.
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So I guess I'll go with a separate dac / amp.
Knight, I'd rather go with retail products and not DIY because I'm a noob and would much rather start with noobish DIY lol.
How about the Fubar II to begin with? and then I'll check if I need an amp aswell (MS-1 at the moment)

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