DAC/AMP/Audio interface combo?
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Oct 30, 2019
I want to improve my strange setup that has 3 sources:

1. PC ---> Motu M4 ----> SRH 1540/JBL 305P MKii
2. Nintendo Switch -----> HDMI Audio extractor (I hate it) -----> Motu M4 -----> SRH 1540/JBL 305P MKii
3. LG C1 -----> Nothing :'(

The audio interface hasn't toslink input and my HDMI audio extractor ((which produces ugly noises) doesn't support HDMI-Arc so I can't use my monitors/headphone to see netflix/primevideo, I also want to change the HDMI audio extractor for a better solution.

I was thinking buy a DAC with optical input to do:

Nintendo Switch -----> LG C1 ----> DAC ----> Motu M4---->SRH 1540/JBL 305P MKii

if it supports UAC1 mode, it could also do the following

Nintendo Switch ----> DAC -----> Motu M4---->SRH 1540/JBL 305P MKii

Any recommendations for a DAC or better suggestions?

pd. to keep in mind that in the future I plan to get the HD8XX, I don't know if the MOTU M4 amplification is enough or if it requires a separate amp.
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As long as you don't want to listen to all of them at once, it's pretty straight forward. A Dac is all you need...
Various ways to do it I suppose, My recommendation would be, keep the clutter to the minimal. I had a PC, PS4 connected to play audio at the same time, the amount of wires I had was insane lol. PC > DAC > Mixer... PS4 > DAC > Mixer... Mixer to Oppo HA1, which then still has either headphones and speakers. It was hilarious! Oh god, I just found a picture, a Schiit loki in there as well, ahahahhahahahah!
Basically, you want to avoid this.

I'm not entirely sure what you want to do, but my Favorite audio piece right now is RME ADI 2 DAC, such a lovely little thing, a bit on the pricey side, can also power headphones. But you should probably name your budget first.
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I'm trying to avoid spend more than $200 to avoid taxes in my country. My actual problems is that I only can hear inbuilt audio from the tv if I wanna use Netflix/primevideo/disney+/tv/etc, and the HDMI audio extractor to gaming with the Switch, it produces buzz, or ground loop noise, I'm not sure. I Was thinking on a grace design balanced dac because it has optical input and balanced output, but I don't know if there are better alternativas.

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